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  1. ncracer79

    Where to sell a Supermoto

    Try www.supermotojunkie.com But, they have minimum post count before you can sell on there, so go be a post whore for a couple of minutes.
  2. ncracer79

    Any chance of factory built 250F SM's?

    I want to say that KTM will have one, but not sure. I heard their 250f is really fast. For sure KTM offers the hard parts to convert. Or, check out www.supermotojunkie.com. They always have good bikes for sale at really good prices.
  3. Actually last year Jurgen Kunzel was the SM AMA champ, but I am sure he will be there too. You guys have fun, I am stuck over here on the Right Coast
  4. ncracer79

    New Bikes, Need advice?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I need to get up to the shop and let the ladies sit on some bikes. I want to get them what they feel comfortable on. The 9 year girl is coming off of a Z50, so she needs to learn a clutch. A 150 may be too tall for her, but I will let her decide. My wife learned on a DRZ125 but has not ridden since, so I also want her to be comfortable. For me it just boils down to needed a dedicated dirt bike to tool around with them on. It will occasionally see the track or trails without the ladies, so it needs to be capable. I think the 250R or X should be good. I guess it will also depend on what kind of deal I can get.
  5. ncracer79

    New Bikes, Need advice?

    hey guys, I am in the process of getting some new bikes. Let me give you a little background, tell you my plan, and then hopefully you can give advice. Background, I love Hondas and have been riding dirt since I was a kid. I also ride a CBR600 on the street. I currently race Supermoto on a CRF450. I have a 9 year old step daughter who rides an old Z50. My wife knows how to ride, but has never done much riding on her own. I currently do not have a designated dirt bike. My last 2 dirtbikes were a CR250 and before that a KTM360SX (oh what fun) The Plan, My wife informed me that she understands I love motorcycles and she wants to be more involved so we can do it as a family. I don't have tons of money, but at the same time I am too lazy to change the Supermoto every time I want to ride dirt. I was thinking of picking up a 250r for myself to ride with the family, trails and some track time. I think my wife needs either a CRF150 or 230, and the 9 year old will get a CRF 80 or 100. What do you guys think? I want to do this sometime soon, but I am not sure if I have the right combination. Do you think I should maybe get a 450 since that is what I am used to or should I get something more mellow. I also have a DRZ400e, but it is also a Supermoto and I am getting it street titled and selling it asap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Edit: Did I put this in the right place?
  6. ncracer79

    top speed question

    Your right, I appoligize for partaking in the BS A stock 107, 124 should go right around 50mph give or take 5mph. It could maybe be geared to get a little more, but you would loose acceleration and chances are the motor could not pull for much more. Again, sorry for bitching on your thread.
  7. ncracer79

    top speed question

    D*mn, you guys are a tough crowd. I have an 03 CRF450 with a 15 tooth front sprocket and a 45 rear. Topped out it touches 110-110, its all in the gearing. I motard and road race this bike. I don't see why you see this as unbelievable. I have seen guys get almost 130 out of 525's on road courses. I know this is the pit bike forum, but I was trying to make a point. If the 450's can go this fast with the right gears, why can't a modded (modded being key word) mini with the right gearing go 70. Mind you the mini's I see are for mini road racing, not mini MX. Sorry, no videos or speedo's to prove it, just guessing. The closest I can come to substantiating any of this was when I clocked a friend on the hwy on a DRZ 400 motard. His was geared similar to my CRF and I buried a 100mph speedo in a jeep next to him. Sorry if you don't believe me, just thought I would share my .02
  8. ncracer79

    top speed question

    My CRF450 motard goes about 110 with the current gearing. Why is it so hard to believe that a modded mini with the right gearing can go 70
  9. ncracer79

    Am I Going to Hell?

    It is the buyer's fault for being stupid, but I would still feel a little bad about it. Though, I am the kind of person that gives crap away. I tell myself that something is worth 1k to me and advertise it for say $1500. The first interested person asks what I will take, I say $1000. I always sell stuff quick because I lowball myself, but at the same time I feel good about it.
  10. ncracer79

    Not to offend...

    Chances are they won't shove it down your throat. I would just avoid the religious/political conversations. If it comes up tell the you aren't really comfortable talking about it and start talking bikes again. If they believe what they are displaying they will respect your feelings. BTW-I am pretty conservative but it doesn't offend me when people disagree with me, I just move on to something else.
  11. ncracer79

    top speed question

    Maybe, but think about how much lighter one of these is compared to a 250f. Not to mention a 250f with taller gearing will go well over 69mph. Like I said, it could be BS, but I have ridden one of those with the $4000 motors and they are fast as sh*T. Imagine, a stock knockoff 124 or 107 (SDG, Pitster, Extreme, ect.) has b/t 7 and 9 hp. Some of these built motors are getting close to 17hp. I don't think 75mph is unreasonable. Doesn't mean I want to go that fast on one.
  12. ncracer79

    top speed question

    50 sounds about right. The only definate speeds I have heard of were from a guy with an Extreme. He has the 124se motor that puts down like 15+hp and he claimed he could run 75mph or so with the right gearing. May be BS, but if you have ever ridden one of those it is not too far fetched.
  13. ncracer79


    They will all be fun, but I personally ended up with an SDG. I paid way too much for it over a year ago, but it was still worth it. I have been mini road racing and I love it. I got the 107 and have had no problems.
  14. ncracer79

    Whats so good about SDG's?

    I paid entirely too much for my SDG 107 when I bought it over a year ago. But, I will say it was worth every penny. I put 10" slicks on it and have been mini road racing and it is a total blast. I would have rather saved money, but these things are a riot no matter what you pay. I have since bought 5 more of the chinese knockoffs, 3 124's and 2 107's. They seem to run as good as the SDG, but a lot of the parts (handlebars, pegs, etc) are very cheap. If I had to do it over again I would have bought one of the chinese 124's for $1200 bucks and ridden it until I started breaking stuff. Then just upgrade as you go. I still have 3 107's that I need to sell and a 124 if you know anyone on the East Coast that needs a good starter bike. All in all, I say they are all fun, good luck making a decision.
  15. ncracer79

    250f Suzuki ?

    I have heard those run strong. But, what are asking about saving money? Is it worth the money saved b/t what? A good deal is a good deal.