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  1. Chas4273

    Just Ordered My Acerbis 5.8...

    Bought my bike 2 years ago and it came with the Acerbis tank--haven't had any problems with the petcocks.
  2. I'm looking at buying a used DRZ/KLX 125 for my kids to learn on. Are there any common problems with these bikes that I need to look for when buying the bike? Thanks, Chas
  3. Chas4273


    +1 for Rockymountainatv --now shipping to Canada
  4. Chas4273

    CRF 450 wheels on XR650L

    I was told by the guy who sold me Warp 9 SM wheels for my 650L that the hubs Warp 9 uses for the L are CRF hubs with spacers to match the 650L axle. Maybe you could call Warp 9 to verify this, then get spacers from them?
  5. Chas4273

    Gearing question...thx

    Justicedone, I have the Warp 9/Conti setup on my XR650L. Mine came with a 48 tooth rear. I use both a 14 and 15 in front. If the gearing on your bike is similar to mine, I think you would be better off with a smaller rear sprocket to cruise at 80mph comfortably. My bike did fine at 70 with the 15 in front, but I think 80 would be cause for the 45 tooth on the rear for me/my bike. Hope that helps. Chas
  6. Chas4273

    Honda Stickers

    There are usually Honda stickers on eBay--don't know about the quality, but there are several types/colors/sizes. See them occassionally on Craigslist, too (think that was on one of the Oregon listings).
  7. Chas4273

    XR650L Supermoto

    07XR650L, I also have the Warp9 wheelset on my L and the chain rubbed on the tire a lot when new (150/60 Conti SM). I was concerned, too, but eventually just decided it wasn't going to hurt anything after seeing so many pics of chain rub clear onto the wheels on some SM bikes. My main concern was that the heat generated by the rub would screw up the chain rings but my chain seems OK. I'd guess my wheels have about 1,000 miles on them. The rub has worn into the tire far enough now that it has stopped, and the edge of the tire is fairly evenly worn. And you're right, there is very, very little extra clearance on each side of the hub so there really isn't much to be gained with trying to use spacers. Did your wheelset come with any info about them that said to order replacement sprockets/rotors for the CRF450? I was told that the hubs are actually CRF450 hubs with spacers for the XR650L axle. My guess is that is why we are seeing tire rub when other guys with real XR650l hubs and the same tire don't have rub. Chas
  8. Chas4273

    2002 good price???

    Glaizinman, That price is about right in our area, at least for an asking price. In February I got an 02 for $2,600 with higher miles than the one you're looking at. In addition to the extras you listed, mine also had the Acerbis tank, a windscreen, rear rack, top case and auxilary lights, but needed a rear tire and chain. I would have offered $200 less if I had known some of the issues with the bike I've since found.
  9. Chas4273

    Supermoto Wheel Questions??

    If you want to stay near your $800 budget for a complete set-up you'll need to be patient and search at least daily on a variety of websites, forums, auctions, etc. I almost pulled the trigger on an $1,100 set then decided to wait it out a bit longer and ended up with a set of Warp 9 wheels with sprocket, rotors and relocator, then bought tires and tubes separately--all for right at $800 total, and everything was new. (Downside is I don't even want to think about how many hours I spent searching for the right deal.) Check the classifieds here and on other sites (Supermoto Junkie is another source) and hope you run across a for sale post that has just been listed. Before I bought my wheels I missed out by 15 minutes on a used complete set-up for $450. Good deals are out there if you can stand to wait for them and have the time to find them. Chas
  10. Chas4273

    Is anyone not using a shim with Dave's mod?

    I'm running without the shim (or the slide drilled) and am still getting quite a bit of gurgling/popping on decel (using 55/160). Just haven't taken the time yet to do the shim or mess with the pilot screw to see which will eliminate most of the popping.
  11. Guess I'm not going to worry about the chain rubbing anymore--it can't go any farther, and there is very little to no room to shim the wheel over (would run into troubles on the caliper side). Only other options would be to tweak the spokes to offset, or possibly move the front sprocket outside a little. But I'm going to live with it as is for now. Oh, something else I remembered about the wheels--apparently Warp 9 uses a crf450 hub for the xr650l, using spacers to match the axle and swingarm. My only concern now is the front wheel/brake has a little shimmy or pulse when braking. It's small so not sure which it is yet. Is this a normal trait of a wave rotor? (this is my first wave)
  12. Checked the clearance on the relocator and it is not rubbing--it's almost centered, just slightly off to the outside, but there is space on both sides and the top/bottom. For the rear wheel, I checked the spacers and found that one is about 1/8" (guessing) wider than the other, so I swapped them, but now I think the problem is a bit worse so I'll swap back. Don't know what the deal is, but am wondering if maybe the swingarm could be slightly tweaked/bent to the left side of the bike--the previous owner had definitely gone down on the right side, so maybe?? (Didn't see any obvious signs of unusual wear on the old rear tire.)
  13. Just checked again and now I can get the front wheel to spin a little over one full rotation by hand, which is much better than when it was when first put on. (This is with only about one mile of low speed test ride.) I'll take the rear wheel off this afternoon and see if the spacers are on the wrong sides--I didn't do anything with the spacers after I received the wheels. Thanks for the replies. Chas
  14. It is the stock caliper. I don't have a caliper so can't precisely measure the rotors, but the wave rotor does seem to be slightly thicker (closed an adjustable wrench onto the stock rotor, then tried putting that over the wave rotor and it barely got the mouth over the edge of the wave but wouldn't slide on easily at first).