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  1. DLE

    Peninsula riders

    I know of another guy who might be interested. What about putting together a ride on a weekday afternoon/evening while it stays light late?
  2. DLE

    Peninsula riders

    I live in PA. If you get a group together let me know, I'll go riding. This weekend however I will be down at the Timekeeper enduro, should be fun.
  3. DLE

    From 4to2: How to ride a 2 stroke?

    I agree that the XR400 is not hard to kick over in the parking lot. But after you have been riding for a few hours, stalled it a couple of times, and are kicking it over in tight stuff where you are precariously balanced then it starts to wear on you. So if the 300 is a better woods bike and easier to start time after time then it seems like the right choice for me.
  4. DLE

    From 4to2: How to ride a 2 stroke?

    When I moved to Washington I got a XR400 but now I am thinking I made a mistake. Sounds like the 300 XC would be a better choice for the tight woods that are prevalent here. Since I have been riding the XR the one thing I dreamed of having on my next bike would be electric start. How much easier to kick is the 300 than a XR400?