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  1. You are correct. The magic is in the triple taper needles that can only be bought from JD. Trust me, it is worth every penny. Put in the jets and recommended needle, and go ride. My jetting was crap from the factory.
  2. I have used Klotz Supertechniplate for 20 years with no malfunctions. I run at 32:1 as recommended. All the manufacturers recommend 32:1 and jet accordingly. If you do this, plug fouling and exhaust spooge will not be an issue. Most people run 40:1 to compensate for incorrect jetting (rich). The best advise is choose a good quality oil, jet for your area, and enjoy!
  3. Adjust the idle screw to get it to idle the way you want. The best investment I made on my '07 was a JD jet kit.
  4. Send your pic to DeCal Works. They have the design your own graphics.
  5. KTM=Katoom:prof:
  6. I currently run a PC Nature Friendly. I noticed a small loss in low end torque, but from mid up it is the same as stock.
  7. Klotz Super Techniplate at 32:1. I've used it for years, with no fouling and no failures.
  8. I got mine from UFO. They were the cheapest. The fit was really good.
  9. I've read elsewhere in this forum about needing to richen everything up when using the V-Force 3 reeds.
  10. I understand what you mean. I ended up re-bending the bracket for clearance.
  11. I noticed the bolt not being tight enough as well. It still rubbed after tightening. I have even installed an .25" spacer behind the footpeg mount. It still rubs a little.
  12. I installed a Trailtech side stand on my '07 CR250R. It rubbed on the side of the swingarm when the suspension is compressed. I contacted Trailtech, and they sent me a new mounting plate. This had the same result. Has anyone else had these issues?
  13. I hadn't considered the weight difference. At my level, I probably wouldn't notice.
  14. Another old trick is to fill the bars with a silicone caulk. It oly costs about $2 at Wal-Mart, and works pretty good.
  15. I also have been using the Klotz Super Techniplate for years. It burns clean, and I have had no failures. A riding buddy went six years on his original piston. He only used Klotz. When we rebuilt his motor, the piston and power valve were extremely clean. This says a lot for the oil! I have also heard real good things about the Maxima K2 oil. The main thing is run 32:1, and jet accordingly.