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  1. Gidders

    Shoei or Troy lee helmet?

    Shoei - best helmet I have had - only downside I have with it is its not a fully removable liner and mud gets under the vents which is difficult to clean out.
  2. Gidders

    not sure what to buy

  3. Gidders

    2008 KTM XC-W & XC-W(e) report

    got to love the Europeans for sticking with 2 strokes ( or 3 stroke as the 300 is effectionately known as). the word is they are now working on the pollution issues whihc to some degree has aided 4 strokes popularity. by the way, yamaha had a 2 stroke trail bike with an e start in the 70's or 80's - i think it was the DT.
  4. Gidders

    Time For A 2-Stroke

    got to KTMtalk and do a search on the early 300's. I have an 08, and before that and 07 -I got nothing but praise for the bike, but the technology has come some way since 2000. Saying that I rode with a fellow on a 2 day ride and he had an 01 300 and it didn't miss a beat and starter first kick.
  5. Gidders

    2006 Rmz 250!! Any problems?

    My 17 year old boy rides an 06 hard and often. I bought it when it had about 10 hours on the motor. He has put say another 60 hours on the motor, values checked every 20 hours, oil & filter change every 10, keeps the air filter clean, and kicks over easy as. Been through a couple of sets of fork seals and a water pump seal and we are about to get the mechanics to have a look inside the head, probabaly needs a piston and rings. Had a few problems with the hot start piston seizing, but that's been due to a lack of attention by the young bloke. I have to rate it as a decent bike, no complaints. I don't mind riding it myself.
  6. I ride with one - the club model - weighs about a kilo. It is like any of the gear your ride with. Once you twist the throttle you forget its there. Most reveiws I read before purchase gave it a rap. Like others have said, if it stops a neck injury its a bargin at the price. Same goes for knee braces, although your neck is a little more important.
  7. Gidders

    KTM 300 vs YZ250

    I have shopped around a bit a settled with the 300 as the best over all compromise for me. Does most things I need to do as intermediate rider very well. The E start is a bonus.
  8. Gidders

    KTM300 or NOT?

    I went from a 04 450 EXC which I thought was the best bike I ever owned until I bought the 07 300 EXC. The 300 did eveything the 450 did including grinding it out up narly hills, just delivering the torque in a higher rev range. I found however the 300 less fatiguing, cheaper to run & maintain, better handling and definitely a bigger fun factor. I'm waiting for my 08 to show up now!!
  9. Gidders

    any aussies?

    Looks like plenty of Aussies on line at TT. And I'll second dirtbikeworld.com.net. It's an all Aussie dirt bike site and its good stuff. I'm viewing from Newcastle. Plenty of good dirt biking in this part of the land of Oz.
  10. Gidders

    ktm 300 ..anyone know about this new bike

    The e start on the 300 brought me back to the world of 2 strokes.
  11. I have to agree with the 300 call if your thinking 250, the 250 if your thinking 200. The 250 and the 300 are basically the same bike. The extra 50cc make a big difference to hill climbs and open terrain runs. There about the some effort to handle in the tight stuff. I ride the granny spring in the power valve if I am doing tight stuff. Fortunately with the 07, I also had the dual power curve, so you can further retard the power band hit. I find the 200's a little under powered on open terrain and big hill climbs. There great in the tight stuff. I think, but could be wrong that the 200 is based on the 125. I went through the process your going through when I decided to move from 4S to 2S and finally concluded the 300 to be more versatile bike than the other 2. In summary, they are all good bikes, can't go wrong, but the smaller bore have their limitations. I have just ordered the 08 300 as my 07 was written off.
  12. Gidders

    07, 300 Exc-e

    I have got the 07 300EXC E and there is some problems with the e starter. It sometimes doesn't engage and free spins and also binds. It will not start my bike if left to sit overnight. Once you have the bike warm it works well but you still get the occassional free spin or bind. I get the feeling it hasn't got enough grunt when there is a bit of compression in the pot. I have put a call into my dealer to see what we can do about it.
  13. I am looking a getting a steering damper for my 300 EXC. Anyone know if the damper unit is a universal fitting eg Scotts, and only the fitting kit differs between bike brand?
  14. Gidders

    2006/2007 leaking gas cap issue?

    Just bought the 07 300 EXC. It has the quarter turn cap or bayonet cap as they call it in Oz promo mags. Dealer made a point of telling me not to have the indent on the top of the cap facing me as there have been some reports that your knee may knock the cap open. It didn't click to reading this thread. Fair dinkum, you got to ask the question how genuine these blokes are. I'll be speaking to them tomorrow.
  15. Gidders

    Converted to KTM

    I came off a KTM 450 EXC onto the KTM 300 EXC about 6 weeks ago. The big difference I found immediately was lack of engine braking. I find if I carry the same speed into a corner on the 300 as I would on the 450 I under steer. Down hills caused me grief as well having to rely predominantly on braking technique. Slowly getiting the hang the difference and am enjoyingnthe ride so much more than the 450. Don't appear to have to muscle the 300 around as much. I have also noticed that the lighter bike and the lack of engine braking also appear to make the 300 handle better than the 450, particularly in corners and tight stuff.