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  1. ^ ^ ^ Very nice, thanks for the suggestion reminds me that I need to do the same thing. Last summer I replaced my triple clamp stem bearings and found that water gets in every time you wash the bike and things get a bit grodey in there. Meant to cover it but as usual spaced it out over time.
  2. California

    ^ ^ ^ Hail to the king of this thread.
  3. DON'T use it, as tempted as you might be be in that you have it and you want to get the job done.....Send it back for an exchange.
  4. You'd be the young dude in our group.
  5. 2009 300xcw: vForce 4 reeds; 162m 38p N3EJ at 2nd position AS 1.5ish turns out. Mine spooges as well, probably due to my riding style as I'm rarely on the pipe. Running 60:1 w/Motorex
  6. Never dealt with a Smartcarb, only a Lectron - and if I have my facts straight a SC is sort of a Lectron copy, meaning it has a metering rod? Am I correct on that?
  7. 317 hrs, 5400 miles and zero problems. I don't even bother anymore to slide the thingy that is supposed to keep the insulation covering the cables in place anymore.
  8. Yeah, it's a goofy looking tread pattern, guaranteed to invite comments. You should really consider Tubliss. You can run higher pressure for your hare scramble, but 3 - 5 lbs is where it really shines in the rocky rooty stuff.
  9. I think you're doing OK in the type of conditions you're riding in. Maybe if you ride in conditions that don't require the power needed to power through the sandy conditions your mileage will improve. I was running a Lectron on my 13 300rr and the mileage was 35+, switch to a 38mm Keihin and the mileage dropped to 25ish but the increase in performance is well worth it. I run a 3.1 gal tank and if I anticipate a longer ride than 75 miles I carry gas. My 09 KTM 300 xcw gets a consistent 30 mpg with a Keihin PWK 36.
  10. As Cjjeeper said as many recommendations as riders here, but mine is the Sedona 907 with Tubliss @ 5PSI...Hooks up as well as a trials tire in ALL conditions.
  11. Yeah I miss em as well and wondered the same thing.
  12. I've had 2 (serious) injuries that kept me from working from 1 - 6 months, both were 5 mph or slower crashes. I've crashed at speed and yes it hurt but I was able to get up, finish the ride and function the next day (not saying this is what will always happen). Ya never know what will happen in this sport. Always gear up like a linebacker.
  13. How many miles? I run a Dunlop M32 or sometimes a 52 and thy both start to chunk around 800 miles.