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  1. california

    RawbW nailed it. There's never been a lottery for green stickers, what you were told is laughable. If you want a green sticker 2t you'll have to get a 2002 or older bike.
  2. My experience: I will only buy a helmet that I have tried on. Everyone's head is different and what feels great on one's head will feel like a vise on another's head.
  3. Gaerne S10 or S12.
  4. Beta has their act together, plenty of dealer support and parts available. Great bikes, love my 300rr. Way better than my 06 GG ES 300, but the "new" GG might be improved, maybe not..
  5. I like the 350, and the more I ride it the more I like it! Have only had it since November, first 4t I've had since 08. Still wary of all the electronics and don't like the occasional flame outs. Other than that it's a great bike.
  6. Ran Motul 710 @ 60:1 in both my 3hundos for years, zero problems. Switched to Motorex, ran the same ratio for the last year, kinda liked the red color vs the dull blue color in the tank however.... Not worth the $$, didn't notice any difference (not that I was expecting that much). Going back to Motul.
  7. Have been using Motorex in my 2t 3hundos for the last 6 months, just to give em a try. Gonna go back to the other synthetics as they're way less $$ and basically the same. This is gonna hurt as I've been to Switzerland and have seen the Motorex 50 gallon drums they use for public garbage cans there.
  8. Riders who know their skill levels and ride within them is the best protection from injury. The other obvious forms of protection such as decent helmets, boots, knee and elbow guards, bandaids, decent insurance policies and understanding wives will be the the secondary factor in preventing injuries.
  9. This is a pissing contest that will only end when the dribble ends on your your shoes. I have both a KTM and Beta 300, have had a GG ES 300, all have their advantages/disadvantages over the others (and I didn't mention Husky). As far as 300s go.....Whenever I'm on my Beta or KTM I swear it's the best bike I've ever ridden. Then there's that stupid 350 I own......
  10. Well.... There you have it.....
  11. uh........waitaminute........
  12. No, as I haven't needed a cylinder re plate (yet). But that's a job that needs to be done right the first time so that all the time and effort you put into the job gets you back on your bike and the trails for a long time.
  13. I get it. Most of the time you get what you pay for, and doing it right the first time is always way less expensive. juz zayin
  14. Or, maybe the better question should be "who does the best job"......
  15. Perfect.