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  1. at 8:29 it says it all.
  2. WOW...ka - leen bike
  3. If you live in the SF bay area you can park it in a BART parking lot and someone will have stolen the cat converter by the time you get off the train after work...Then all you have to do is ride!
  4. California

    Yeah, I was on the edge of my seat as well!
  5. A lotta guys that I know like Back Country Navigator for their Android phones. I've never used it (don't have a Samsung etc, but I've heard it's good.
  6. California

    I'm guessing that's your Christmas card sans all yer cats - fawking cat(s) they're never there when you need em.... Great pic BTW....
  7. Um yeah. No.
  8. Gawd I love it when the wife says that.....You must'v recently retired from the FD..
  9. You need to bring your own strippers to Stoney.
  10. Yes if it's CARB rated. A 300 2t probably not. Major rule changes in our Golden State this year, don't know if the old "7500 mile" rule still stands.
  11. Thanks for the demo. Have the tool (buddy lent it to me) need to do that to my 15 FE 350S.
  12. ^^^^^ Agree one hundred percent. Rear tire is where if running Tubliss you may want to run low tire pressure, front whether Tubliss or not run the pressure where the tire performs best.