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  1. dyrtmon

    Plated Bike

    I have not ridden a Beta 390, would be fun to do so for comparison.
  2. dyrtmon

    Beta bendix question

    From my personal experience, it looks as if the gear pressed onto the flywheel needs to be pushed back a couple millimeters as it's not making proper contact with the bendix. This was the case with my 13 300, as it was a quasi common problem for that vintage. (i think they come tacked from the factory now.} I used a brass drift with careful persuasion to re seat it to it's proper position. I then tack welded it to the flywheel. Problem solved.
  3. dyrtmon

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Sux when your buddy’s 350 seizes 1/3 of the way up a 2K vertical climb with an hour an a half of daylight left
  4. dyrtmon

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    Those scales are accurate.
  5. Was on 95 on my FE 350 2 weeks ago trying to keep ahead of the truckers doing 75....A 100 plus mile round trip from my camper in Death Valley thru Echo Canyon Rd and the long way around. Was worth the long road trip at the end.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you are regarding protection, especially for my ribs. I too was interested in the TL 5955, tried on on and the coverage (to me anyway) was kind of a joke - seemed like it only extend a bit lower than the nipple line. I ended up with a Fox Raptor. A bit warm in the summer, but so what - great rib protection and all around protection. I would recommend trying on whatever you're thinking of buying beforehand.
  7. Thanks for the good advice.
  8. dyrtmon

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Your arm shows how well you fought off that bear....er, manzanita...
  9. bump....Hoping to hear from the present owner.
  10. dyrtmon

    Plated Bike

    I'm also a 300 guy. Last year I bought a decent used Husky FE350s. My main complaint was that it flamed out too much. Long story short I had ThumperRacing install their 390 kit and the bike has come alive. Flameouts gone. Low end grunt is amazing. Have been riding it more lately than my 300.
  11. dyrtmon

    WANTED People to Ride With, East Bay Area

    I rode Carnegie yesterday and it was hero dirt. 10 outta 10 powder day, climbed hills that I haven't attempted in years - this old hack actually looked good. Tomorrow (Thursday) should be just as good.
  12. dyrtmon

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Ya but all that sheet is behind you now, Frank...well, maybe not the car that knocks over the pole..
  13. dyrtmon

    Best place to ride in the southern deserts

    Yo Vish, your wrist doing better since the IV crash?