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  1. Jamie, one other thing: Make sure that the master link is compressed as so the clip fits into the groove (slot?)..This usually requires either a thin vice grip or a chain compressor tool that presses the chain onto the O ring thus allowing the clip to hook into the groove/slot. If it's not in there properly it will come off. Oh - and periods are our friend
  2. California

    And your tax strategy for oh 18 is........?
  3. Unlike KTMs, Betas do not have the dreaded headshake. However, a damper (any manufacturer) will certainly help on rough rocky trails....I'm running a Scotts and guaranteed it's helped me out countless times.
  4. My favorite riding buds are my boys, one of them doesn't really ride anymore, my youngest son (25 now - started riding with me when he was 13) kicks my ass now.....I did my job right!
  5. Part of the game. Wear decent wool socks - wool keeps your feet warm. If your feets are warm why do you care?
  6. You got it, Dan.
  7. Yes, I did survive Sean's Deathride. Everytime I ride with him he ratchets it up just a little....An awesome (but tough for me) day Couldn't imagine doing it on a 4t however..
  8. I'd google as seamstress or like business in your area that specializes in repairing heavy duty outdoor clothing. OR - just keep wearing em until they wear out.
  9. https://airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_city&cityid=313 For my Bay Area bros......
  10. What year 300? On my 09 I can slightly tilt the carb bottom to the left side of the bike to make the drain plug easier to get a wrench in there.
  11. Does make sense as yeah a lot of the mtn bike downhillers are freakin flying, and would certainly impact their head with probably more force than this old dude..
  12. California

    They ride like shit even without the Husky n KTM on the back....
  13. This is a terrible event. Vish was vey fortunate - the death toll is going to climb big time once people can safely get in the areas to check burned structures. This is going to surpass the Tunnel (Berkeley) fire of 1991....The Tunnel Fire was a relatively small geographical area with lots of structures within. This event encompasses a large area along with a large tourist area and a large agricultural/cultural aspect....am totally bummed over this.
  14. Agreed - although I was devastated to hear that the one hot one is no longer there. A good brekkie at a place like Katies will keep me going all day, with maybe some nuts or an energy bar during the ride, and a hydraulic snackie at the truck (beer) at the end of the ride.
  15. Various tools such as what theBIG mentioned, I put Slime in my tires (I run Tubliss) but it works in tubes as well for relatively small holes. On epic rides I'll bring a spare tube (even w/Tubliss) with tools and a hand pump. Spare nuts n bolts. Chain breaker w/various sized master links. Leatherman tool. Metric allen wrenches, and torx (if you ever end up with a KTM). Do you know the mileage your bike gets - half gallon can might be a bit extreme but maybe not..I'll pack some extra gas in a one liter Smartwater container as it won't melt from the gas inside it and it's relatively slim. Rubber latex gloves, some first aid stuff. Cell phone. Small screw driver. small pliers. A couple 3 foot loops of webbing and a couple caribiners. snacks and water. A baggie containing a headlamp (for my head) a lighter and a space blanket for keeping warm if injured or if someone else is, first aid stuff. Small set of reading glasses if your an old dude. Other stuff that I can't remember that's in my pack....... Beer waiting in the truck.