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  1. Having once owned an 07 250X (and liked it) you'll really like the FE 350. I have one (15 FE350S) in my arsenal and like it, even though I still ride my 2t(s) more.
  2. California

    Ya, still da KING
  3. Glad you're OK. Could happen to any of us.
  4. California

  5. +2 for the past 4 or so years. Great tire.
  6. California

    Was thinking the same thing!
  7. Great spreadsheet!!
  8. Am hitting Idaho the last week of July, was planning on bringing my KTM as I have a saw mount (and saw of course)...Still a bit of blowdown to clear in the Baumgarton area?
  9. I use the Bill Dart mount (google it) to carry a Husky 430 on my KTM 300. Great mount, I don't even know the saw's there.
  10. If a vehicle needed to be towed we'd call PD and let them deal with it. While as an engineer I was responding to a fire with a potential rescue, came upon a truck towing a tree chipper...I was sounding my horn, did the best I could to avoid it, and the chipper put a nice crease down the passenger side of the engine. The tree chipper guy was liable for the damage. There are signs posted everywhere about minimum clearance.
  11. I was actually the dude that was the chili expert.
  12. Seriously. That was my ultimate FF fantasy. Aside from delivering a baby..
  13. Not Sunnyvale. Think about it: If (in a high fire danger area where roads are narrow, high $$ homes in an area where people are totally oblivious and lacking common sense such as in any number of SF Bay Area communities) doesn't it make sense for the FD to issue parking tickets to vehicles blocking the road?
  14. Proof that we actually worked for a living.......Oh - stand by - gotta get a bigger stir stick...!