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  1. I have a 95 ktm lc4 and I had the same problem. I went with the new edelbrock pumper series carb and it works great. I also know the FCR 41 pumper carb works great on this bike.
  2. A cr 500 is a two stroke, and the LC4 is a four stroke. We are simply not comparing apples to apples.
  3. deniselott

    KTM LC4 620 Whats Wrong?

    Just put the new edelbrock pumper series carb on the bike and your problem is solved. The old quick silver carb sucks and can be upgraded at edelbrock for 170 bucks. these new pumper carbs are the cats meow.
  4. deniselott

    Looking For Help on a 95' LC4 640 MXC

    I have a 1995 KTM 620. I had the same problem as you with starting. I used to kick the bike for hours and I hated the bike with a passion. I finally talked to edelbrock and purchased the New pumper series carb from edelbrock. you don't need to worry anymore about hard starting. I can start my bike hot or cold in two kicks. As for getting the bike into neutral I have noticed my bike has the same problem. Let me know if you find anything out about it.
  5. I just bought my first KTM and this bike kicks crack!!! The power of the LC4 is Totally SICK. I Put the new edelbrock pumper series carb and a big gun exhaust on this summer. What a Monster 4 stroke that has unbeatable power. I can run heads up with a cr 500 and its street legal!!!! And the best thing is You simply get more attention on a KTM. everyone and there Dog has a Honda, yamaha, or suzuki, and I love the attention. especially from the girls.
  6. deniselott

    1992 ktm 600 lc4

    I have a 1995 ktm 620 lc4. The bike was impossible to start with the stock quicksilver carb. However, Edelbrock can upgrade the quicksilver carb for about $170 to the new pumper series and the bike starts in just a few kicks. These bikes Only need a good carb and they are awsome. If you are having starting problems simply get the FCR or the edelbrock pumper series carb and the bike starts with ease.