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  1. Hi all, Sold my 2000 DRZ400S awhile back and just found a set of new Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators. Will fit 99-2000 only S models. Ebay has them for $150, yours in original packaging shipped for $60 email me at deanr1ca@yahoo.com located in Northern California. Local pick up ok too. I'm just south of Oakland. Thanks, Dean
  2. Thanks William1, once I discovered the cream I shut the bike down for the day so didn't give it a chance to dry up. I'll run it, and continue to check the oil. On the pilot jet I'll install the 45 and report back on the "snap" coming back too. Thanks for the good news
  3. Hey all, I have an 03 yz450f set for supermoto. At the last trackday I noticed a little cream coming out of the valve cover vent tube. Immediately thought I had water in the oil but upon checking the dipstick the oil was perfectly clean? I've heard from some that this is normal and others have told me that I have a base or head gasket leak, can anyone shed some light on this please? The bike was running great at a prior trackday except it was backfiring alot. Checked the pilot jet and found it was stock so put in a larger one to match the one over main jet and the duback pipe. The backfiring on decel is gone but then the bike didn't seem to have as much snap. I think it was due to the pilot being now too big since the dealer only had a 50 where stock is 42. I thought I should install a 45 or max 48 but since they were out I opted for the 50 just to see if the popping backfire would go away. It did but now I don't have as much snap. I'm hoping the loss of snap is from the pilot being too big and not from the cream indicating a bigger problem. what do you guys think?
  4. Hey Grayracer513, That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you! I'll probably run the fork tubes in the 450 clamps and hopefully I can adjust the clickers on the rear shock to compensate for the extra weight.
  5. I have an 03 yz250f that is set up for supermoto, lowered suspension etc. I'd like to swap the forks/shock out to a yz450f to keep the same suspension but have more power. Anyone know if the forks and shock are interchangeable? I've checked the yamaha website and only one fork leg has the same part number, all else is different including the bottom triple number. But I think it's because the 450 has different valvling and spring rates. thanks in advance all wise ones
  6. DukeD

    yosh rs3 for drzS

    Cool, thanks for the info guys
  7. DukeD

    yosh rs3 for drzS

    Thanks, so they only make one full rs3 version for the drz S?
  8. DukeD

    yosh rs3 for drzS

    Can anyone tell me if Yosh makes more then one RS3 for the S? There's on on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330002334021&sspagename=ADME%3AB%3AWNA%3AUS%3A112&id= that says it's the "Off Road" version. Will this be too loud for my neighbors? Is there a street version in the full system?
  9. DukeD

    Will the E seat fit on the S model?

    cool, thanks for the info
  10. Yup, I have an S that has 17"s on it for motarding with the big rotor and caliper relocater. If I go trail riding I just swap the wheels and take the caliper relocater off the caliper and I'm done. Takes me about an hour
  11. I have one sitting on my bench. It was on an old bmw and worked great if you don't have underseat storage for registration and insurance. Might hold some thin short tools since it isn't any bigger then the plate and is only about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick. Great for holding zip ties, some mechanics wire and maybe some gum
  12. DukeD

    2000 Suzuki DRZ400S

    yup to all of the above. Another option is to find a used one with all the upgrades already done. If you're going to Supermoto it you will need to spend the change to buy the 17's, rotor and carrier which could run about $1000 or more. The E with a plate would be the best thing to find since it already has the frc39 carb and E cams so more power and throttle response.
  13. DukeD

    Hand Guards

    I have had the acerbis with the metal reinforcement bars running through them and they work fine in protecting the important stuff. I've crashed at 60mph on the street and they did move a bit but saved the integrals. I should have made them tighter and they probably would not have moved. The Emgo's seem to be the exact samed thing as the Acerbis but 30 bux cheaper and without the dumb name branding, good for stealth running. The Cyrca's look to be very nice too and the styling is much nicer where the acrebis style is looking a bit dated. just my pennies....
  14. DukeD

    DRZ-SM tire help

    If you have a 4.25 rear rim I think you should use the 150, a 160 will fit with no problems but the rim will pinch the tire some. A 170 is a waste of money on a 4.25 rim in my opinion and will alter the profile of the tire. A 170 should go on a 5" rim but most motard guys still use the 160 or a 165 tire on the 5" rim.