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  1. XRandWRRider

    About to install a lowwering link on my 650R...

    I bought a spare kickstand on ebay for $15, then cut it down and had a Midas muffler guy weld a flat piece back on for $10.
  2. XRandWRRider

    Chinese cush drive wheels

    I don't know if they are an exact copy of the RAD hub, but RAD Mfg. certainly didn't invent the cush hub. The cush hub was invented in 1912 by Royal Enfieldor for use on their 425cc V-twin. If there ever was a patant, it is long expired, and there are only so many ways to make it work in a small dirtbike sized hub. Personally, I welcome the competition, because RAD Mfg. wants crazy money for them. I just hope their quality control is good, and it would be good to hear a firsthand report from someone who bought one.
  3. XRandWRRider

    19" supermoto wheels?

    So buy a set on ebay for $540. Your plan seems like false economy to me, and I doubt you would be happy with the decision. If you do decide to go that route, take pics to post and report back with your impression.
  4. XRandWRRider

    19" supermoto wheels?

    Which would you use for your rear?... Tire choices are much better in 17" sizes. Even when you can find suitable tire sizes for other wheel sizes, they are often meant for much heavier street bikes.
  5. XRandWRRider

    Looking for help On XR650R conversion to SuperMoto

    I did put a CRF rear on my XR650R with just new custom spacers that extend under the standard CRF bearing. I didn't have to mess with the front becasue I already had CRF USD forks.
  6. Most of what I do is wide open rides here in Nevada. I have also towed 2 different friends KTM's back to the truck. Since, I often find myself in the middle of the desert, 30 - 50 miles from the nearest town, I guess I just favor reliability over peak HP these days. I am sure it will be a beast, have fun
  7. Why do you feel the need for more power while riding trails? Sounds like you have done the normal mods and unless you race, you can spend lots of money for just a little gain that would make any real difference in everyday riding. Unless it is in need of a rebuild anyways, I would spend the time to ride and work on improving technique.
  8. XRandWRRider

    XR650R Oil capacity?

    The 650R is a dry-sump engine. That means when the engine is running, there is very little oil in the crankcase. According to the Service Manual for the XR650R, the oil capacity is as follows: 1.65 Quarts at draining 1.70 Quarts at draining with oil filter chage 2.10 Quarts at Disassembly When the engine is running, the oil is stored in a reservoir (the frame normally) or in your case, a separate tank. If you have recently drained the oil and chaged the filter, then add 1.7 qts. to the reservoir. If after disassembly, add 2 qts. Then start the engine, and check the reservoir quantity after the engine is warm and has been idling for a minimum of 30 seconds. Add oil as necessary to keep the reservoir near full when the engine is warm and idling. Hope that helps
  9. XRandWRRider

    What wheels will fit my XR650R?

    They have different size axles, 17mm front and 20 mm rear for the XRR, and 20mm front and 25mm rear for the CR/CRF's. That is faily easy to fix with different bearings or spacers that ride under the bearings. I have CRF wheels on my XRR, but then I have a CRF front forks too, so I only had to have some new spacers machined to make the rear wheel work. What is more difficult to fix is the lateral spacing relationship between the sprocket and the brake disk. Luckily the XRR and CRF are the same.
  10. XRandWRRider

    XR650R electric start

    I am not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination either, but my understanding is with the AC circuit that runs the headlight, the brightness varies by the power output (rpm), so all the power is used, but on a regulated DC circuit, the power that isn't used to charge a battery or run an accessory, needs to be burned up by the voltage regulator in the form of heat. Someone please feel free to correct me if I my understanding is wrong.
  11. XRandWRRider

    Xr650R MX style rear fender

    I would be in for one in red, and one in black if you can make it happen.
  12. XRandWRRider

    XR650R electric start

    The Baja Designs rewound stators had two separate winds. They were usually set up to run one as a rectified & regulated DC circuit to charge the battery and run accessories, and a separate one as an AC circuit for the headlight.
  13. XRandWRRider

    XR650R electric start

  14. My ideal would be a factory dual-sport legal 600cc e-start, fuel injected 270lb bike with 60+ rwhp for < $7k. I'll just keep dreaming
  15. XRandWRRider

    XR650R dyno test before/after uncork

    Fixing the intake and proper jetting is the easiest HP to be found. The rest of the mods will cost far more and give you far less. You'll probably be lucky to find 5HP without a high compression piston & stage 2 cam.