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  1. my dad has a crf250x.and i was wondering if any one knows the best power increasing pipe you can get. but i want it to keep bootom end not lose it. plz if you have any info post
  2. my dads lawn mower has more horse has like 25hp
  3. if he has been riding an xr80 on 24-mile trails he is so ready for a cr85
  4. try useing air to blow out the drit in the fly wheel it happend to me like a week ago
  5. yeah im gonna offer him less b/c it is a bit expensive
  6. i think my friend and his dad locked up that deal, with the local shop. but thanks for the offer
  7. thats awsome, where are the bluiding it,and when dose it open
  8. thats kick ass for that price dude,i say go for it
  9. i just called my local shop today and they said that they can drop it to 3, you think that i should see if i they can drop it to 2,800
  10. last year on thanksgiving i broke my femur too, and i shattered my kneecap when i hit a tree, it sucked ass, i had to get 2 pins in my leg and i lost 7 pints of blood, plus i got a bad concussion, they had to fly me to the hospital and i didnt wake up til the next day in the hospital i couldnt do anything for like four months and i was in the hospital for like a week hope your leg gets better soon, cuz i know how u feel suzuki74d
  11. i want it to fell like a 2 storke when i let off and entering turns
  12. that thing is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. yeah thats what it was. set up to fell like a 2stroke
  14. plz if you have any info let me know