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  1. RedRider3141

    For Sale Post Question

    Thanks Bryan, have those stayed active? Last time I was there there was spotty success with traffic, etc.
  2. RedRider3141

    For Sale Post Question

    Hey Y'all, it's been some time since I was active on TT. I sold my XRs a few years back but i still have a few spares laying around the shop. What's the current policy on for-sale posts? I mostly want to avoid junking it, not turn a profit. Thanks!
  3. RedRider3141

    Buying a Vehicle with a Lost Title in WA State.

    Thanks for the help, we're heading to the DMV next week, wish me luck!
  4. RedRider3141

    Buying a Vehicle with a Lost Title in WA State.

    So If I get the current owner to sign the "Affidavit of Loss of Title/Release of Interest" form (and get it notarized) then I can go to the DMV and apply for the a new title in my name? Doesn't sound too bad.
  5. Hey fellow Washington residents, I'm looking into buying a project car from a family member and the title was "mis-filed" and is now lost. Since I'm working with someone I trust how would you go about securing the title and transferring ownership?
  6. RedRider3141

    XR400R Cables > XR650R Cables

    I realized I deleted my online pictures so this thread is next to useless so I reposted them.
  7. RedRider3141

    Gifford Pinchot Suggestions

    Blue Lake is very ORV friendly, I reccomend the Yazoo Trail (SCENIC!)
  8. RedRider3141

    Lake Easton Dual sport

    Had the same question myself. Turns out Webb Power Sports is running it this year. Here is the info (Sketchy looking link, I know, but it is Webb PS's webpage) http://0351c22.netsolhost.com/customer_corner.html or http://0351c22.netsolhost.com/EastonDualSportRide.pdf
  9. RedRider3141

    Washington DNR Survey

    Sorry if this is a double post, I didn't see another thread. Just got a reminder from the DNR to fill out their (very one-sided) survey. Please take the time and tell them that there are other user groups out there! Tomorrow (July 31st is the last day.
  10. RedRider3141

    Free Disco Pass!

    Ahaha, would that allow me to "discover" more than I already do?
  11. RedRider3141

    Washington Free Disco Pass!

    Just heard this on the radio: Carter Subaru is giving away a free Discovery Pass with each test drive a Subaru! http://www.cartersubaru.com/index.htm I recommend a BRZ, pretty neat looking car if you ask me. Make sure to drive the rig you want the pass for maybe even show up to the dealer with your DS bike.
  12. RedRider3141

    1983 XL 350 need help

    Honda has flip flopped on batteres in the XLs/ XRLs. Some need the battery, some don't. My '82 XL250R Didn't.
  13. RedRider3141

    discovery pass?

    Fixed for pending legislation...
  14. RedRider3141

    Bike Runs Great! Thanks for the help!

    As I recall the orange bike showed up late and left early. Not to worry I've got some more pics I'll spread around to our band of "Dirty Face" riders. I got some good vids too; unfortunately, you never let go of the throttle long enough to be in any of them. The Mighty Blue 'Z just can't keep up! We should drag MotoMike away from the trails long enough to go check out the green dots around Ellensburg.
  15. Hey guys for the last few months I've been working on my Dad's DRZ since it was in storage for 3-4 years and needed some up keep for an upcoming DS ride (CS Sprocket Fix, Petcock and Carb O-Rings, Oil Change Etc.). Thanks to the help on TT I had 120+ miles of trouble free riding yesterday! Here are some pics from the 2012 Wenatchee "Dirty Face" Dual Sport that took place yesterday: