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  1. rompin

    2005 400 EXC -7oz Flywheel

    I'm just curious as to what the weight of the stock flywheel is and what other flywheel weights are available. This sounds like an interesting way to help dial in the power delivery.
  2. rompin

    Info For A 400 Xcw 05-06

    I agree with the previous posts. I bought an 06 400EXC-G last year and love it!!! I couldn't find one in northern New Jersey so I wound up buying from Moroney's in New Windsor, NY (Orange County). There are 2 KTM dealers I know of in northern New Jersey (East Hanover and Hamburg) you may want to give them a call.
  3. Badkaw2, if you haven't done so already, you may want to check out "ktmtalk.com". There is a ton of useful information there, especially the forum titled "which KTM should I get". From my earlier post I said that before I bought my 400exc, I was considering a good used XR400 and could'nt find one... well during my research I found a comment similar to one that was posted on this thread that said "the 400EXC was the perfected XR400", I think that was what convinced me to purchase the 400EXC although I had never ridden an XR400, but respected them from everything I have read and heard. It's tough trying to decide on a new bike when you can't test ride them, then you have to decide and try to read between the lines on other people's opinions. I just kept looking for repeatability in these opinions as a good estimate that it may be true. I must say, I wish I could test ride a KTM 300 xc (2 stroke), I have read some good things about them too. Check out ktmtalk.com!!!
  4. I agree with this.... I love my KTM 400EXC, but being a Honda guy for many years before buying this bike, if Honda did produce an updated (but still reliable and bullit proof) XR450 as stated above, I'm sure I would have bought it. I was strongly considering a CRF250X before buying my KTM and I'm glad I didn't.
  5. I have a 06 400EXC and did a lot of research before buying it. Actually last year around this time I was looking for a good used XR400 since I was always a Honda guy and couldn't find one, so I bought the 400EXC and love it! I must say there is more maintenance involved, but if you don't race, probably not a real lot more than your XR, I read comparisons where people came off an XR400 and onto a 400EXC and claimed the XR400 had a little more low end power, but the 400EXC beat it eveywhere else in the power band. The 450EXC and 525EXC are different animals from what I have read.
  6. Yes it is, I just installed it in my "06" 400 EXC. I was told by JD they haven't revised to web, although the paperwork and instructions include the "06" 400 EXC. The kit is great and not very hard to install, good instructions.
  7. rompin

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    I just installed the JD jet kit over the weekend and so far love it. The process was easier than I thought it would be. I used the blue needle 3rd clip down and the small o-ring, 1 1/4 turns out on the fuel mixture screw. It runs a little better with less off idle bogging and a little less popping during decelleration. I also noticed I can take it off choke much quicker after a cold start up as opposed to the stock jetting. I may try the red needle sometime as I've read some 400 exc owners say they though it ran better than with the blue needle. Overall, I feel much better knowing I have a richer mixture and better performance.
  8. rompin

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    Nordegg, Thanks again for your help. I just ordered the JD jet kit, but am still considering the cooling fan kit also because the ease at which the bike overheated a few times. Although I did let the bike idle on a few occasions for short periods of time and didn't think it was a bad thing at the time as my riding buddies were idling as much or more than I was. I lost about 1/4 qt. of coolant so it wasn't just bleeding off excess coolant. Most of the riding I do is slower speeds so I think I will need as much cooling as possible. I didn't know these bikes were prone to overheating, I didn't even realize it is an open cooling system until investigating this issue. I'll see how the jet kit performs, I hope it helps keep the engine running cooler and running better. Thanks again for your help...
  9. rompin


    I have an "06" 400 EXC and would like to leave the 14t sprocket alone for the guide wear issue but would like to go up to 52t on the rear. Is there enough chain length in the factory chain to do this? Thanks
  10. rompin

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    Nordegg, Thanks for your vote of confidence. Have you had any overheating problems with your 400 EXC (although I see you do live in Canada, thus cooler conditions)? After reading the cooling section of the owner's manual and some posts here, it seems there may be a cooling fan kit available for this bike, with how easily the bike overheats it should have been standard equipment on this bike... I'm going to look into this kit, hopefully it will solve this problem. Thanks again!
  11. rompin

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    Dave, Thank you very much for your help, I remember reading some tread about sealing the exhaust with silicone but it had no details. I'll have to perform this modification eventually, but first I have to look into an overheating problem, I'm starting to worry about mt recent purchase of this bike... Thanks again for your help Dave
  12. rompin

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    I see JD lists the JDK002 part number up to "05" for the 400 EXC, but not for the "06" model? I can't find they're website for any further information or a phone number. Can you buy direct from them or do you have to go through another supplier. I'm having the same problem after just purchasing a new 400 EXC, popping on deceleration and even a little during acceleration and a little bogging. Also, the bike requires a long time warming up on choke before being able to run off choke. I'm hoping a jet kit while solve these problems. Any advice is very much appreciated.
  13. rompin

    Any opinions on the 400EXC?

    Thanks everyone for your very detailed and helpful input. The more I read about this bike the more I like it! I'll have to check out a couple of places in my state (NJ) and see what the availability and real selling price is. A particular description I read about this bike was it was called "the perfected XR400", which does sound like a great northeastern woods trail bike!
  14. I'm looking at getting a bike soon and was set on a CRF250X but am taking a good look around before making a purchase. I've read good things recently about the 400EXC being an excellent woods bike for an intermediate level rider. Most of my riding will be tighter stuff with no racing and I probably am an average / intermediate rider so it sounds like possibly a good fit. I don't know anything about KTM's as far as they're history, amount of maintenance required, reliablity and such; never owned one or know anyone who has. I do know they cost a lot more than a CRF250X, like around a grand more, so that definately plays into the equation. But if there are many pluses in this bike's favor I may consider it. Any helpful information is very much appreciated! Brian
  15. rompin

    Thinking about getting a 250x a few ??'s

    I am also strongly considering a 250X and was aware the valves need to be checked and adjusted more often than would be on an XR, but was unaware that fork seal leaks were more prevalent. I'm wondering if this is a big issue, and are there any safe guards in this area like fork boots for example?