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    E Model Cooling Problems

    I bought a used 2000 DRZ400E in December 05 and set it up street leagal for Arizona, but ride mostly off-road two track with some single track. It runs strong but I've had problems with it boiling over into the overflow tank with some coolent ending up on the rear wheel when going slow on single track 1st gear trails or running up hill on two track roads that are washed out to the point that I have to run in 1st or 2nd gear. above about 15 MPH it runs fine with no boiling over problems. The cooling system has no leaks, however the left side radiator has been dented in the side in the middle of the core about 1/2 inch and the three outside columns pushed togehter. I've tried Red Line Water Wetter, but it made no difference. When I searched the DRZ400 forum on TT I saw fixes that included: changing to a KX500 cap, installing a fan and Thermostat like the S model, and Jetting. Have any of you on the forum experienced cooling problems after minimal radiator damage similar to what I have? What order would you suggest trying the above mentioned fixes? What would you recommend for jetting for an E model operating at 5000 to 7500 feet elevation (I'm in Prescott, AZ). Any thoughts or suggestions on what I try next would be appreciated.
  2. Rick Wilkinson

    MF Battery Charger

    The DRZ 400S factory M&R manual says "recharge the battery with an MF battery charger". I'm assuming the MF on the battery type stands for "maintenance free" but I've never heard of a charger specifically designed for MF designated batteries. From searching the forum it appears most of the DRZ 400S&E owners are using typical off-the-shelf trickle charges. My trickle charger I've had for twenty years, and have used many times, has finally failed. It's only putting out about 9 volts. Is there such a thing as an MF battery charger? If so, do I need one to maintain my YT7B-BS? If so, where can I buy one?
  3. Rick Wilkinson

    DRZ400E Maintenance & Repair Manual

    I've had several Honda XRs in the past, however I bought my first DRZ400E today. It's a 2000 model that runs and rides just fine at the moment, however I'm clueless on how to maintain one of these things and troubleshoot any problems that might arise. I could figure it out in time, but would like to exchange the trial and error method for a good maintenance and repair manual. Any of you experienced DRZ400 owners have a favorite M&R manual you'd recommend? I couldn't find any manual recos in my search of the archives.