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    Really Cosmo, Scotty has set up a rally in BAJA, You may not like to ride there, but that's what this forum is about, BAJA! Good Luck Scotty!!!
  2. southcamp1

    Hilarious - Baja, relationships, excuses, etc. - Enjoy!

    I hear ya, but I have to leave the door open you never know!
  3. southcamp1

    Hilarious - Baja, relationships, excuses, etc. - Enjoy!

    Classic Had that problem -- now I don't (it is expensive though)- now looking for a woman who rides, golfs, is in shape, independently weathly and can stay up late. Asking for too much....... I've got time
  4. Thanks for prepping and scouting the trails for this years ride! From what you guys have done in the past, I'm pumped, I'm out riding the moutain bike and hitting the local trails in Pine Valley to get used to the heat and ready for some riding. Thanks for all you guys do I know it's not easy. Here's a couple more photos of years past. you never know where the trail will take us, high tides can be tough and competitions are cool Lets get some riders to post!!
  5. Here are a couple of my favorite photos gotta love the awards ceremonies On the trail with 11-time Baja 1000 Champ is cool
  6. I've always had a great time at the BBB and have some cool pictures from over the years, I'll post a few soon, as I was in Vegas at EDC getting started with my heat/hydration/sleep deprivation training over the weekend. Yeeeee
  7. southcamp1

    15x rides - Mexican 1000 - more solo than most

    To bad on your day, it sounded epic though. Are you sure it was Sarah Palin? Did you check her out. If it was I'd say Palin for PRESIDENT and Malcolm as czar of dirt biking. I guess you never know in Mex!!!! Good Times
  8. southcamp1

    Johnny Campbell to Navigate Dakar

    Epic, Johnny Campbell to navigate for Robby Gordon In the DAKAR:thumbsup: That is awesome I'm pumped to see them get after it:::::::::Pumped for Johnny:banana:Yeeeeeeeeeeah
  9. southcamp1

    2011 BAJA 1000 Live Coverage

    Thanks for the updates Scotty, and Mrs. Breauxman and everyone pitching in. Cool of BD to give us donkeys a shout out, good luck and congratulations. Pullin for 11x to mix it up and keep it close:thumbsup:.
  10. southcamp1

    Baja Bound in 7 days - give me your expert advice

    Keep the bar open late, be bartender if necessary, demand a 9ish start-good idea to check tires around 8-830, put breakfast request of oat meal and greentea outside the room door should be covered, sounds like a blast:thumbsup oh yeah make sure everyone has extra flashlights and try to get pictures at most every stop:banana: PS-Don't believe the small gear bag crap!
  11. southcamp1

    CPR Fab Baja 500 video

    Very Cool, thanks for sharing:thumbsup:
  12. southcamp1

    BBB-3 is over, let hear/see about it

    Okay a few more pictures:ride: beats yardwork.
  13. southcamp1

    BBB-3 is over, let hear/see about it

    Perfect time to be down along the coast in Baja
  14. southcamp1

    BBB-3 is over, let hear/see about it

    Alright here's a few more from the BBB3. We rode less miles this year but more awesome trails:thumbsup:
  15. southcamp1

    BBB-3 is over, let hear/see about it

    Already having some withdrawls, so heres a few pictures to help out. First the epic volcano uphill, this guy made it, I'm going to need another try. We also had a little competition through a marked out rock uphill and then the soon to infamous toilet bowl circle race won by Colton Udall after an slugfest with boss 11 time JC, and then the awesome Black Mamba relay race won by the Eddy's, Max and Matt and Captian America (Aaron)... Fun for everyone:thumbsup: