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  1. motojoe73

    Comprarison: KTM 250 XCF & XCF-W

    So the suspension on a 250 XCF is the same as on an 250 SX? or somewhere in between?
  2. Besides the different gear ratios, what other difference is there between the KTM 250 XCF & the 250 XCF-W ..... I am mostly curious about the suspension, is there a difference?
  3. motojoe73

    Low compression

    Is it possible for the compression to be low if the valves are bad? I know it would be low if it needed a piston & rings, but could bad valves or the bike needing a valve adjustment cause low compression also?
  4. motojoe73

    Spoiler seely

    Lets look at it this way: All 20 guys on the gate are racing as fast as they can to get to the front (or finish line) - If they are real racers going for the win they should always be looking forward, charging hard, focusing on going as fast as they can to win the race - correct? If you watched the same race I did thats exactly what Tomac was doing the whole time - that is NOT what Seely & Cunningham were doing!! Once Tomac caught them it was obvious to anyone who watches racing regularly that Seely & Cunningham were riding extremely dirty (slowing way down in the race line, dirty blocking NOT clean block passing) to help out their buddy Tickle! Yes I agree that Tomac should have been able to ride around them & leave but why are those 2 boneheads screwing with Tomac instead of just trying to win the race??! Racing is all about the fastest guy who can keep it on 2 wheels from start to finish winning the race - NOT about who can run into who and who can block the other guy better! This is not derby cars or WWF it's RACING!! Ha! While typing this I went over to racer x & read the race report - it seems that other people who know racing agree with me -that picture of Tickle hugging & celebrating between the 2 cheaters about sums it up!- read for yourself ...... http://www.racerxonline.com/2011/05/08/racer-x-race-report-las-vegas-sx
  5. motojoe73

    Spoiler seely

    Seely & Cunningham should be put to death!! (exaggeration) - or at least fined - what a bunch of crap! A couple of nobody's that will never go anywhere in this sport deciding the championship for a future star (Tomac) ......Even The GOAT was disgusted by this as he said in the broadcast "Seely & Cunningham should just let the 2 title contenders battle it out" It's so obvious they did all of that on purpose as they were over to Broc quickly after the race slapping him on the back & high fiving! One things for sure, Tickle better give those 2 weasles a good chunk of his championship money cause he never would have gotten it without them! Also Honda better make sure Troy Lee Fires Seely for costing them the West Championship!!!
  6. Wow! What a shake up! I've never seen so many top guys not make it into the main. RV, Bubba, Brayton, Bagget it had to be that Supermoon either that or that right hand first turn. I couldn't help but think - when I saw the scenario unfold of RV & Bubba Sat. night - about St. Louis in 06' when RC went down in the hoops & DNF'd the race essentially handing Bubba a HUGE points lead if he could win (which he usually did if RC didn't that year) but Bubba stalled his KX 450 & couldn't get it started & got credited with 17th. James just cant seem to capitalize when opportunities present themselves. Also I can't believe Reed couldn't win that race! That seems to be Canard's plan when someone is catching him when he is leading late in the race, to just hold them off as long as he can, then when they pass him he gets them right back (usually with a somewhat shady move) and then they don't have enough time to regroup and make another charge for the lead before the race is over. Just like he did on his other win against Dungey who was clearly faster (that night only!) and RV a few years ago in the lites class. All in all though what a great season!!!!!
  7. motojoe73

    new to Utah - where to ride

    Hey there, I'm new to the Utah area, South Jordon specifically, and was wondering if there are some good riding areas around. So if you have some tips or need a ridin buddy for the day let me know. thanx
  8. motojoe73

    Oregon Dunes

    4 wheelers are for girls
  9. motojoe73

    A race at Browns camp this weekend?

    There is a 115 mile race going on in the Tillamook State Forest and it will be in the areas of Diamond Mill, Browns Camp and Prison Camp. Please stay out of these areas if you are not racing, unless you like head on collisions with very fast riders!
  10. motojoe73

    RC has been eatin some double cheesburgers!

    Ha! with that hat on and being kinda portly, he reminded me of that episode of the Simpsons when Homer gets all fat so he doesnt have to work......... dont start bashin me either, I'm the biggest RC fan in the world!
  11. motojoe73

    Reed's start

    ya, Reed knew Bubba would be nervous about payback after SLC, so just sit behind him and make him wonder and possibly make a mistake big enough to stall the bike - we all know how well those Yamahas start.
  12. motojoe73

    Supercross Reed's start

    I think Reed got a bad start on purpose. It's just like Reed said in the post race interveiw: "I needed to win and he needed to finish 4th or worse, and we all know thats not gonna happen". Reed could have easily won that race but it would have done him NO good! The only option he had was to start behind Bubba and try to pressure him into a mistake - he realized after tailing him for a couple laps that it was'nt going to work. He then put a semi - rough pass on an already shaky,nervous Bubba and rode on.
  13. motojoe73

    Battery question

    Is this the good Yuasa battery or the immitation one? http://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/motorcycle/YTZ7S.html
  14. Getting lapped and finishing 9th??? He better be sick!
  15. motojoe73

    CBS = Terrible !!

    The problem is nobody cares about Supercross the way we do - and the coverage proves it! It's like everyone from the editors to the network to that babbling Ralph Shaheen are just filling their contractional obligations - they're going through the motions - they don't give a CRAP! Editor: " OK, according to this rulebook, were supposed to keep the camera on this guy leading the race on the last lap until he crosses the finish line even though he's way out in front just ridin around." Assistant Editor: " Oh hey, and lets keep the camera on this Josh Grant guy for 5 laps while he rides around by himself because he's the "points leader", even though theres a heated battle goin on between the REAL top guys" Editor: " Nobody wants to see these heat races or the racers comments about the track afterwards - lets fill up the first half hour with commercials and a million quick shots of the pits and fans and the past 2 races mixed with some really gay music!! " Assistant Editor: " Yaahh!!! That'll surely get us promoted out of this Supercross garbage and on to some great stick & ball sport!"