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  1. WER is awsome! what a diffrence from stock! I live in Northern NJ rocks rocks rocks. i couldnt hold a straight line when it was stock as soon as Drew dialed it in i could go anywhere on the trail with out getting tired! He is the men for the East coast...
  2. I have an 09 300xc that i want to sell but I am not sure what price? Here is some info NJ title Scotts dampner Dyna ring auto clutch 75 hrs WER suspension almost new front and rear tires, chain and sprocket 2 sets of plastic 1 with the lights Bark busters clamp flange for pipe Carbon fiber skid plate Any suggestions would be helpful!
  3. Tuxedo Ridge Hare Scramble by TRISTATE MC May 6! The Hare Scramble you do not want to miss! Track is cut in on a Ski slope excelent Grass track and much better woods sections. Great spectating and parking. http://WWW.TRISTATECLUB.COM
  4. Massachusetts

    I have a new set for sale $350
  5. NewYork

    Any news? Are they going to RACE
  6. Pennsylvania

    Check out WER !Drew From what i have heard he is the best and most reasonable on the East coast. That is where my money is going!
  7. Watch for this E mail Scammer sam101_nino@yahoo.comsam101_nino@yahoo.com
  8. NewYork

    That really sucks I always have a great time helps to get threw the Winter!
  9. If your not going to buy it let me know where it is I'm looking also i see alot of 2008 but very few 2009?
  10. I have the 07 250 xcfw some problem but at 120 hrs. I put a high comoession piston in much better low end.then after about 10hrs sputtering i did all the normal things helped a little. i checked valve clearence and they where all in spec but the exaust valve was at the limit .005 tight. so i shimmed it to .007 and it seemed to go away. I'm racing an Enduro on Sunday (HANCOK,NY) that will be the test!
  11. NewJersey

    Getting ready for the spring! Waldensnow scramble first then woods I Already got me a set for the woods.
  12. BRAND NEW MOTOZ ICE TIRE LEFT TURN 18" AND 21" PIRELLI SCREWED WITH LINER MADE ONE OF THE BEST IN THE EASt TG. ALSO HAVE ICE FENDERS GET READY FOR LAKE GEORGE RACING. bought FOR Greenwood lake but there doesn't look like ice is in my future maybe next year? $550 takes all! made for a 2007 250 xcfw
  13. FMF mega bomb with 4.0 + spark arrester then High compression piston Majo diffrence also jetting kit with o ring mod
  14. Best ice tire maker out there!!!