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  1. Paul, the only clue I had it was going was when my boy came in the house from riding it around the yard. He said it made a clicking noise and stalled. I went out and started it up and it was fine. I rode it to work the next day and no problems. I thought maybe he just bogged it down too much. Then when I went to ride it that night it made the knocking noise he was talking about and I shut it down. That was it! I did start it up again and it ran but it smoked. I even started at the shop and they couldn't hear anything. Thats pretty much it!
  2. Could you tell me where I could get the number for a rep? I guess I feel I got a lemon and if honda cant do something to make it right then I will sell it off for parts. It sucks because I really liked that bike. I'm 47 years old and I only rode it back and forth to work and my hard to get to fishing spots. I'm not a speed freak nor a wheelie king. In fact I only wore out 1 rear tire and the front is original. I think your right about him not wanting to fix it because he even said the rod should be replaced but it may be ok. He didn't lie to me on the price of the rod. He showed me it in the book. I really don't think he wants to turn out a piece of crap. What would you say would be a square deal?
  3. Ok, a piece broke off the inside of the head. It can't be fixed. He ordered a new one from Honda. When he recieved it, it was no good. He had them send him another and that one was no good. They told him they will have to search the ware house and check them before they could send another.
  4. They have sent 3 that I know of and he said it was no good. I really dont have a place or really the time to do it myself. He said he would replace the rod too but just the part was $800.00 and he would have to slit the case. I'm getting into more than they would give me on trade in. He said it will probably be ok.
  5. No its not free. I am paying for it. Something doesn't line up right. The mechanic seems ok. He rides one that he roded up. Its an animal! He wanted to just send one to the machine shop and the honda rep said no.
  6. In short it blew up last july. It had oil in it. I was just cruising down the road. The whole top end is gone including the head. Small score in the cylinder. One side of the rod is out of round. (not being replaced) The shop could not get a good head from Honda as of november. All winter I have heard nothing.
  7. Hi guys! Remember me? I'm the guy who had an 06'L that blew up last july and never got it back from the shop all summer. Well it's still gone. Tomorrow I am going to call and I am afraid honda is going to say they will only use a full new motor. Thats 3500.00. I'm not sure I'm willing to put that much into it. So what would you do now? It only has 5000 miles on it.
  8. Well, my 650 has been in the shop since the middle of june. The reason is honda has sent the shop 2 bad heads from the regional warehouse, and some other parts were back ordered. I am glad that the shop didn't just rig one on there. Has anybody else heard of such a problem? My hats off to the mechanic for not giving me back garbage anyway.
  9. Well there is a little box on the honda websight for the 2009 offroad machines, and the only bike thats on there is a CRF 450R and some 4 wheelers. If they are gonna change something, how about just a six speed gearbox? Don't get me wrong, one of my dreams is to ride there someday but I am sick of hearing honda say "Taylored after our Baja winning XR's" A pretty big section of this country is not flat out sand. It may even improve it there! A slower 1st gear would be ok, along with a slighly higher 6th. I'm not really feeling any changes though.
  10. Did you guys have to remount your turn signals?
  11. Is clarke the only one that makes a large tank for the L? Even XRs Only had one for the XRR, EXC, YZ, CR, KX, RM,.......... on and on! I couldn't find a Acerbis for my X friggin R L.
  12. Well luckily I work in a factory and know tons of electricians and fabricaters that would love to work on such a project.
  13. I'll second that Barry! Both bikes look awsome! I wonder if it would be possible to make some and use jeep headlights. In N.Y. it has to say DOT approved on the lens.
  14. They will really? I like them for the looks but I also like them for night riding here. Alot of times you are riding down a road with a corn field on one side and a steep hill on the other. Deer or bears pop out at any moment. Periferial lighting is so important. But not blinding a car coming at you is equally important.
  15. Does anybody know if the Baja designs dual racing headlights are road legal? I don't see them listed for the L.