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  1. XR650L_MN

    My fix result after left side cover disaster!

    It should be there if I did it right. Try XR650L_MN
  2. Thanks to everyone for the input on the left side cover problem:worthy: Mine cracked last week after a simple tip over while parked in the garage. A special tanks to "TDC71" for the advice on removing the cover. The crack did not look that bad at first from the outside view. Once the cover was removed the crack was actually 1 long one about 2" long with several smaller cracks feeding off of it. I pounded the cracks back down flush & then dremeled a V into the front crack to give the JB something to grip to, I also ran some JB onto the inside of the cover to cover the damaged area. I decided to use Fiberglass cloth & Gel type resin to strengthen the cover for future damage prevention. I ran a 1" piece along the bottom side & 3 layers on the front of the lower cover. I have some pictures of what it ended up looking like in my garage "XR650L_MN. Still needs a little TLC as far as sanding & paint go but this is the general idea. I still think that Honda should try & improve upon this area to get rid of the one bad down fall. Thanks again, Mike XR650L_MN
  3. XR650L_MN

    Removing left side cover from engine??

    Went super smooth, pounded out the crease. Now I am going to JB the inside & then I am going to pick up some fiberglass glass mat and fiberglass the bottom of cover and lower side. I figure that about 3 layers of glass & resin should make it very durable. Fingers cossed! Thanks again for the information. Mike
  4. XR650L_MN

    Removing left side cover from engine??

    Thanks a million Todd, I have the Honda repair manual but I need to find where I was last reading it. Figured this might give me my answer qicker than searching for the book. I really appreciate the information. Mike
  5. Just curious I am about to remove the left side cover from my XR650L. It looks like the starter will come off with the cover. The clutch cable goes into this side also. What will be involved in reassembly? Mainly I am wondering about the clutch cable and what is inside that cover that may need to be realigned for assembly. gears etc. Is it necessary to remove the cover for the best repair possible? I am the one with the crack in the left side cover. I have v'd out the crack with a Dremel and sanded down the side cover already. Thanks for any ideas, Mike P.S. Thumpertalk is a lifesaver for alternative fixes.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has ever done the JB weld fix and then applied several layers of fiberglass and resin over the JB fix. I went down & v'd out the crack this morning and roughed up the side cover area preparing it for the extra piece of metal. While I was doing this I got to thinking about the Glass fix. I have used glass & resin in the past for a few fixes and the resin becomes hard like metal. Just curious if anyone has tried this? Thanks, Mike XR650L_MN
  7. Thanks for the input on case cover rebelventurer. Does the JB weld stay intact inside the cover? I was at first thinking of also adding the JB to the inside cover but I was concerned as to if it started separating eventually if it would end up doing more damage. How long have you had the JB inside the cover? I am thinking of dremeling the crack out a little to give the JB a little more surface area to grip to & then doing the fixes listed below. Thanks again, Mike
  8. Hey that is a really nice looking fix, thanks for the picture. I am going to do that to mine & also I think the epoxy and the rubber bumper idea will also be added. I am very content with my XR, just figured that with the R&D Honda has this might be an area to try and improve upon for future years. Thanks again for the pictures & information. Mine is getting the mod tomorrow. Mike
  9. Thanks for the replys, I would expect things to break. But the side cover to the case should not be that vulnerable. If Honda would just recess the cover a little more would probably be a real improvement. I read a post where another XR650L tipped while washing it and identical results. The bike does have the stock folding shift lever, which will work great for anytime the bike is in motion. The problem is when the bike just falls over while parked the folding shift lever does nothing. I will try to build it up with a few more layers of JB. If this fails I will probably try taking my highway bars off of our Road King and attach them to the Honda:) I might also try a couple of the suggestions that have been offered. With that cover costing over $100.00 I want to make sure that it never happens again> Thanks again, Mike
  10. My 06' XR650L tipped over in the garage the other day. I picked the bike up and oil was leaking from the left cover. The shifter put a crease in the cover that was deep enough to form a crack. Luckily my bike was in the garage. I sure would have hated to have been out in the wilderness. I have had many dirt bike, moto-cross style bikes over the years. They could with stand some pretty severe crashes. This was just a simple topple. Hopefully the JB weld will keep the oil where it belongs. Looks like Honda should have deepened the clearance on the cover or re-designed the shifter. I did a search on this & saw that I am not the only one that this has happened to. Kind of a scary dirt bike if you need to worry about severe problems like this while out on the trail. Thanks, Mike 2006 XR650L with Edelbrock performance carb, Oregon enduro headlight w/ front blinkers, Pro circuit type 496 exhaust, Maier supermoto front fender, Maier MX rear fender, mini stock rear blinkers, removed battery box, K&N pod air filter w/ precharger, Uni crankcase vent filter, Daytona digital tachometer, Powermadd roll up tool pouch, black seat cover w/ flaming skulls, Black Grim Reaper Tank stickers.
  11. XR650L_MN

    Pro Circuit exhaust ?

    I am planning on putting on a different exhaust on my bike. I am trying to decide between the Pro Circuit T-4 or the 496 or possibly the White Bros E2. Is anyone familiar with any of the above exhausts? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on ordering one in the next few days. One other question that I have on the Pro Circuit exhausts is how much noisedifference is there between the T-4 and the 496? I am in the process of changing my bike over to SuperMoto. This bike will be mostly used for street until I am able to get back to AK. Thanks for any ideas, Mike