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  1. I look for maintenance records. The one I bought the owner logged everything he did from day 1. He even kept track of his rides. I paid a little more but it was worth it. I do have a 06 250 CRFX besides the XR650R
  2. I have learned thru experience just to buy new bolts when I re-do clutches. Cost is minimal and sucks to have to try to easy out a broken bolt with out taking every thing apart.
  3. TM 40 in my XR650. Fantastic Bought from XRs only got 3 sets of jets, sea level , 2,500 ft & 4,500 feet. Rode & ride all elevations & bike runs awesome. My starting procedure is : fuel on, no choke , 1 twist of throttle, 1 or 2 kicks & it starts. But I use a 50/50 mix of race gas and non ethanol high test.
  4. We should get some " Old Timer" rides together for the spring in each region. Brushy Mt in NC would be good for SE
  5. I actually rode a motorcycle that the guy put a 2 stroke chain saw motor in. No gears . Scary I also had a 4 stroke chainsaw. It was made by the Lancaster Pump Company & had a 3' bar. Weighed about 30 lbs . https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=lancaster+chainsaw
  6. I'm 65 been riding since I was 12 (Honda Super 90). Few street bikes, a few dirt bikes. Just bought a CRF250X . Picking up my XR650R was bothering my back (still own). I don't ever plan on ever stopping riding.
  7. If you just mow your yard it will
  8. Looking @ rear fender I would replace it. Holes look like there was a rack or something else mounted. Kinda unsightly
  9. In my humble opinion most people would want to set it up to with the mods they would want. So you would be putting $$ out and not getting $$ or time & effort back I bought my 2001 in 2003 for $3,500.I have put over 3,500 in it. Mods: E2 exhaust, Mikuni TM40, GPR steering stabilizer (which caused me to buy upper & lower triple clamps), Baja Designs light kit (not installed) ,Xr's only case saver, chain slider, ADV levers, Stainless brake lines, XR's only Air box mod, Renthal twin wall bars (Ricky Carmichael Bend), SRC fork brace, new plastics, Wider foot pegs, Litz racing re-valve & rehab of suspension (for 170lb rider). + I went thru the trouble of getting it plated & titled I tried selling it on here last year for $5K . No takers. & that didn't take into my time & labor
  10. Your Welcome & glad to help & you reminded me to call him about my CRF250X
  11. http://www.litzracing.com/ Has done my XR. He's one of the best and well worth the $$. He did set bike up to my weight. Did forks & rear.
  12. I have one I have been thinking of selling & currently tagged & titled in Tn.. Just had the suspension set up by :https://www.facebook.com/litzracing/ PM me.
  13. Well I bought a bought a 06 CRF250X. What a pleasure the push button start is along with the weight & nimbleness. No slouch in the power department as I weigh 150
  14. The only time a BRP is heavy is when you dump it. Went riding a couple of weekends ago @ Brushy Mtn (Ride A KTM) in Taylorsville NC. Dumped the Pig 3X. It wore me out & I never picked it up. My 2 sons & their2 friends did. Picking one up is easy. Trying to start a hot one that's been dumped is the hard part. BTW I called XRS Only later that week & talked to a tech. (about jetting) He asked me where I was riding (he races a XR650) . Told him mountains of TN. & NC. Tech said get a XR250. I was riding a Sherman Tank & XR was not made for SE woods Gearing is 14-51, bike feels planted & nimble , till I f up. I'm 65 & riding for 53 years. Anybody know of a Bultaco 360 for sale or a BSA 441. Which I use to ride
  15. I bought mine mine from XR's only. It was set up by them & works perfect.