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  1. Very cool report and photos, especially since I have that exact bike. I can't imagine doing a trip like that with the stock gearing (as mine remains, but not for long). Did you change the sprocket(s) first?
  2. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Well, it's not a 250, unfortunately. It has the right "look," but so does the "Monster" brand 125 I bought my son (from buyminibikes.com) and that bike is really quite crappy. It's things you can't see in photos or even at first glance in person: Poor design. Shoddy hardware. Overall cheapness. Like when you try to tighten the rear axle bolt and the swingarm squeezes together. Or the way the muffler bracket falls apart. Or the way the exhaust pipe itself falls apart. Or the way the footpeg cracks in half. Or the way the rear shock no longer works after a month of use. The ever-loosening chain. The self-destructing gas cap. The useless kickstand. The white-metal levers. If you could see the bike in person and it looks well-built and you think that parts are available then it's one cool deal!
  3. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Kinda supermotardish
  4. Which is why, although I liked the Jetmoto's inverted forks, I bought Roketa RKM-200E5s. EPA/DOT plaques riveted on the frame. Good luck, if CA is as bad as NJ.
  5. Hmmm ... First thing that comes to mind is a cell phone. Maybe a tent and some matches. Extra water and food. I'd be a little wary taking a new bike on a long trip through remote areas. But I'm a big chicken anymore
  6. thunga

    New Chinese bike owners prep thead

    When I get my patience tank refilled, I will again take the wheel off and give the bushing-on-the-outside route another try. If I recall, when I did that it pressed the speedo drive hub up against the wheel hub and made it impossible for the wheel to spin. Here is an image of it with the bushing on the inside. http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h72/ledlung/roketahub.jpg I don't like the fact that, with the spacer inside the speedo drive, a gap is left that, it seems, will allow water and dirt to get into the thing and eventually destroy it. All in all, a pretty poor design IMHO (unless I'm doing it all wrong).
  7. thunga

    New Chinese bike owners prep thead

    Hi, I bought and assembled two Roketa RKM200E5s. Compared to the above description of the Lifan, and to another China dirt bike I bought, these seem to have much better quality control. My biggest problem is getting the speedometers to work. If you place the small front wheel spacer on the outside of the speedo drive (between it and the right fork) the wheel won't spin. Roketa told me it's supposed to go inside the speedo drive. That's tricky to do, but I've managed. Unfortunately, it seems the spacer-on-the-inside route prevents the tangs on the speedo drive/worm gear from hooking up with the slots for the them on the wheel. So I still have no speed/odometer. Also, it was a bitch getting the carb fuel screws adjusted properly. Out of the box, the bikes would barely start. After you finally get them to idle, turn that fuel screw until the idle speed increases. Then turn down the idle adjust screw. I had to do this repeatedly until the engines loosened up. I too am finding the seats to be hard and/or the rear shock to be overly stiff. Also, you simply must put either a bigger front sprocket or a smaller rear sprocket on these bikes (unless Roketa's changed the ratios). They're dog slow and over-revving in stock configuration. I haven't done this yet, but will ASAP. And YES! Get a helper or a good bike lift.
  8. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hey Doug, any chance you could take a quick picture of the sprocket on your bike so I can see if its the same one used on mine (RKM200E5). If so, I'll order from JT. Thanks!
  9. thunga

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    I bought two DB-05s in November (RKM200E5) ONLY because they (and the DB-06) come with the EPA and DOT plates riveted to the frame. Mike Turber at Goldenvale Roketa stressed that the DB-07 didn't have these. It's a good thing I got them. The NJ DMV wanted photos of both! They also, at first, didn't recognize Roketa as an approved dealer. I had to prove it to them by giving them the URL for the NHTSA. I believe that if I'd gotten the DB-07, I'd be S.O.L. The differences between the DB-05 and 06 are stylistic. I happened to like the 05's more "dirt" styling. Now I need to change the sprockets. They're far, far too "dirt" for any road riding.
  10. thunga

    Lifan LF200GY-5 Dual Sport Fact's & Fiction

    That's a pretty eloquent argument and one that's difficult to refute. I guess one rebuttal might focus on some of the abuses (environmental, worker-related, monopolizing or just excessive compensation to CEOs) seen in "Western" industries. Or maybe we should talk about the tactics and practices engaged by moguls and their companies back during our industrial revolution. I WILL say this: Two of the three China bikes I bought last year seem fairly decent. The other is a real POS. And here's the very strange part: When I repeatedly fix the POS (a "Monster" 125 pit bike) I feel I'm dealing with something that has a tinge of evil to it. There's almost a cynical darkness surrounding the machine. I know it's probably just the low quality, but somehow, on some level, it creeps me out. Like what kind of a culture would have the balls to produce and sell something so shoddy for kids to ride. And then I go to their website and read bullshit about ISO certifications!
  11. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I finally took one of the two DB-05/RKM (not RSM) 200E5s out on a little road ride. It soon became painfully aparrant that the stock gearing is plain stupid. What works OK in the woods is crazy for the street, even the little country roads around here. So it's time for the sprocket change, which looks like I'll need to buy a bigger circlip remover than the one I own. But before I do that, has anybody who owns this bike found a smaller replica sprocket for sale online? This will save me the time and frustration of bringing the stock one to various snooty Honda and Yamaha dealerships. http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h72/ledlung/roketasprocket.jpg
  12. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Hey guys. Been away from this thread for a bit. I, too, am glad the bashing seems to have stopped. I also still can't really enjoy my Roketa (they call it the DB-05 or RKM-200E5) too much off-road because it absolutely refuses to lift the front wheel. I'm not expecting a motocrosser, but it seems the weight distribution is very forward. Or ... Maybe it's because the rear shock barely moves. It moves, but it's far from cushy. This I find strange because other owners of these China bikes complain about too-soft rear suspension. I haven't tried adjusting it because it appears that screwing in the adjusters will only make it stiffer. But if the shock won't compress, it won't allow the weight transfer to the rear (my theory). Other than that, it starts and runs well. I actually bought two, a black and a red. The red still has the plastic on the seat and lights and has been out in front of the house for sale. Couple of lookers. No biters. If it were an old Yamaha, probably would have sold by now _ beat up and all. On the other hand, I'm asking $1,600 I figure I went through a lot of trouble getting the state of NJ to even recognize Roketa as a manufacturer. I paved the way for others! Still haven't tried the dreaded inspection station, tho...
  13. thunga

    Chinese bike in Chicago

    They're not all made the same. Some are better than others.
  14. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    What if _ on a dollar per dollar basis _ the Chinese bikes are better performers than the Japanese and other more expensive counterparts? Let's be careful to compare similarly sized and designed bikes. In other words, don't compare a Husky 450 to a Chinese 200. A Suzuki DR200S sells for $3,700 to $4,000. Does it really give you $3,000 worth of better performance and reliability than a Roketa DB-05? No doubt it's gonna be different, most likely better and, maybe, substantially better. But how do you put a number on that? And lets face it, part of the fun of trying these Chinese things out is knowing _ and telling our disbelieving friends _ how damn cheap they are. If mine falls apart (hasn't so far) then my friends get the last laugh.
  15. thunga

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Finally, at last, my China dualsport has a license plate! I believe I'm the only feller in New Jersey who's licensed a Roketa. It involved many hours of patiently waiting, a bit of arguing and more... After being told the maker wasn't in the list of accepted manufacturers, I proved that to be wrong (see my prior posts). That wasn't enough. They then said the Certificate of Ownership failed to state the engine size. So I got Roketa to send new ones. Then the state said I needed to bring pictures of the EPA and DOT plaques, as well as photos of the bike from front and side. So I did that. With no more barricades to throw in my path, today they issued a plate. Now, get this. I bought two of these bikes. Identical DB-05 Roketas. NJ says I have to go through the entire process again to even title the other one. The fact that they acknowledged the one bike is OK doesn't matter. Here's the funny part. As I mentioned, I bought two of these at once. Today they initially charged me sales tax based on the invoice I showed them. Unfortunately, they charged me based on the total cost (for two bikes) apparently disbelieving a person can buy two brand new motorcycles for, well let's just say under $3,000. Way under $3,000. I had a sneaky feeling this was going to happen and I'm glad I double-checked. My next hurdle is the dreaded Inspection Station. Despite the fact that these are brand-new, they must still be inspected and I can just imagine what will happen there.