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  1. I think there should be an off road/ MX game where you can totally customize your ride just like the rice rocket games have.(suspension, engine, tranny, etc...) The game should have all the SCORE/MDR/CORR etc.. racing classes and be allowed the mods to spec in each class too. That would be just the tip of the ice berg for this game. now that would be bad ass!!
  2. Does anyone know how much a 1970 Kawasaki trail boss 10 speed with 2245 miles on it is worth. It's in good condition but not in mint condition. (it can be there though)?
  3. I'd go with a WR450 i work on them and for the size and power i think they are quite nimble. you never know when you will need that extra thump and if you can handle it then go for it.
  4. o.k. thanks for supporting the fellow rider
  5. nothing much though for my bike
  6. thanks a lot man.
  7. just stick a flathead between the pads and pry apart no need to bleed them same thing happens to me sometimes when in doing dual sport kits installs. no biggie.
  8. Does anyone know where I can possibly get parts for a 1970 kawasaki G4tr Trail boss 10 speed. phone numbers or web site will be helpful. need some parts to restore the bike. thanks.