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  1. adrenaline420

    04 YZ250- Tranny Problem

    Yep that O ring seal also split for me too, so I replaced it at the same time I put the new gears and shift fork in. I have been told that my problem was caused by trying to shift into sixth. But so far I put 60hrs on the bike since the fix and everything is still running like new
  2. adrenaline420

    Hour meter

    I got a sen dec hour meter from sears. I got it for free because the employee couldnt run the price threw it, so he said I can just have it. Its amazing how much hours i put on my bike this year, it just keeps going and going.
  3. adrenaline420

    YZ250 Pipe spacer mod revisited

    lets go back one more model year for this spacer? anybody try it for the 04 YZ250? I know its the same motor... If not ill have to try it.
  4. adrenaline420

    05 YZ250 transmission fifth gear and fork

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=495165 I am the lucky bird to encounter a problem like this. I always thought it was caused from a miss shift. Are you sure that its caused from trying to hit another gear after fifth?
  5. adrenaline420

    04 YZ250- Tranny Problem

    Well I went out riding, and I was shifting threw the gears and noticed when I hit fifth, something was not right. It kept jumping in and out of fifth quickly on hard acceleration. I took my motor to my friends mechanic and he split the cases and found the shift fork was bent and it was not engaging into fifth all the way. Good thing I got it repaired before some more damage happened. I figure a miss shift cause this problem not to sure what happened. The photos show the wear on my gears. anybody else encounter anything like this?
  6. adrenaline420

    What plugs do u guys run in your '06 YZ250s?

    In the summer heat , I run a BR9ES plug and I put in the BR8ES in the cold weather.
  7. adrenaline420

    Anyone in Ontario work at Toyota?

    well sucks to be me, I got a letter stating i'm not moving on to any more stages for the hiring process... I need a new job ... I think its time for college for me, but not selling my bike ever for that shit!! haha
  8. adrenaline420

    Anyone in Ontario work at Toyota?

    I live in the Tillsonburg area, and the price of homes seems reasonable still around here. I only made it threw the first stage of Toyota, and same with all my friends. I really don't know anybody who made it past the second phase of the hiring process. It is a long process for Toyota to get their people.
  9. adrenaline420

    sx crashing with style

    The crash sure looks like in style, too bad he still wasnt on the bike after the 360, lol
  10. adrenaline420

    Gopher Dunes

    I gaurentee it wont blow, my bike still has the original engine since new in 2004, and it has way over 100hrs. I'm mad that my bike didn't come with a spare kit when I bought it new, so I gotta buy a kit soon for mine.
  11. adrenaline420

    Gopher Dunes

    hey honda_207 , my friends name is josh, he lives by paris, he just picked up the bike from the trader, and hes really making me want to sell my 04 YZ250 for an 06 YZ450F. maybe next year ill get one.
  12. adrenaline420

    Gopher Dunes

    I love gopher dunes. hey awya I seen your bro on monday on that 125, he works that bike good. sometime this weekend,I dont know when yet,im going back to gopher dunes. My buddy just bought a 06 YZ450F and I want to try out his bike. We should meet up and race around, and highflyernick, you come too.
  13. adrenaline420

    Gopher Dunes

    I and my buddies will be at gopher dunes tommorow, and the weather looks like its gonna be alot better threw this week, finaly!... I hate the cold. see ya'll at the track, im riding a beat 04 YZ250.
  14. adrenaline420

    ATTENTION: compression guru's!!

    On my 04 YZ250, I got 225PSI out of the gauge after many many hours of riding. I had my throtttle wide open when I was kicking my bike, I dont know if you did the same. My top end is stock still, and my bike still takes 1 kick to start, and I still feel no powerloss, so I dont even know when its time for my top end yet. I know that my bike has around 100hrs by now. I did look threw the exhaust port when I took my pipe off, and it looks as if theirs a little blow by by the rings.