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  1. regomodo

    Best clips

    Spot the Crusty 8 clips, lol
  2. regomodo

    need wiring help for dr125 dr200

    I have a manual till 88 models. Is this any help?
  3. regomodo

    dr 125

    I have a 82 125s. The only engine repair its had ever is an oil filter. still runs well. for 3years it was thrashed around in fields, then was stolen and trashed. Rebuilt it. 2months later it was torched, all the plastics melted and all the metal covered in thick shit from the roof. Rebuild again and with lots of respray (all done by me i may add for minimum cost). Then a month ago, stolen again and they chewed the electrics and ****ed the brakes. Sorted it out again. It now is running fine after some carb adjustments and modifications (smoothing off all the rough edges). Its been running for about 4000 miles, no air filter, 2stroke straight-thru exhaust (sounds ****ing sweet, especially when its running a little lean on engine braking). Top speed on a slight d/hill is 75mph(flat 65) but i don't like to rev this bike to shit as its had a tough life and i haven't taken the restrictor on the exhaust out yet or changed the gearing (1st gear is almost useless) For me, its a top trail bike. Just the front brake is horrendously crap on the road, on the mud its adequate as i hate front wheel lock up in the gloop. BTW, are you running it on leaded/lead replacement fuel? If not your valve seats will chew up. Well after thousands of miles. i didnt when it was used off-road for 3years buts still runs good. Actually, only thing wrong with it is a very small oil leak coming out of the frontside valve cover
  4. regomodo

    Beware DR125 owners

    Well, my 82 was stolen for the 2nd time on wednesday, but i got it back on thursday due to some vigilante action. Anyways, when i got it home it would start no matter what i did (kill switch worked tho) but no lights, horn etc. They cut the ignition block wires in go which lead to the fuse blowing (cus of the tool shorting the wires). This means that when the fuse is removed/blown the key doesnt work. This took me forever to figure out, after i had taken the wiring to bits though. Anybody come across something like this before?