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  1. Hi, Looks like spooge from the power valve seal, mine does the same thing. Remove the pipe, then the power valve linkage cover, and inspect. If you see goo coming from the power valve shaft, not to worry, as a lot of these older bikes do this. You could replace the seal with the engine in the frame, but you would also need to clean any deposits off the shaft. I'm just living with mine for now. Good luck
  2. Hi, Don't feel too bad, I've had over 50 bikes, and purchased a 2000 YZ125 for $1000, put almost $2K into rebuild/new parts. It's now the most costly dirt bike in my stable, but it's like brand new. I get my oem parts from: Good luck, take your time, and fix it right! PS- I bought A fully BBR equipped TTR125 for the girlfriend, she loves it!
  3. Hi All, Check out my YZ125's, a 00 and 05: