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  1. yea i adjusted on the bottom(comp) and just to make sure i set rebound all the way but to no avail
  2. OK, my 03cr125 has kayaba front forks rebuilt by pro action, it has been about 6 weeks since i have rode it last because of blown motor. today everything went great other than two things......rear brakes and forks the forks are setup for a 180lb MX which have been great but lately i have rode trails. I set the clicker at 15 clicks toward soft (comp) and now i get on it compress the shocks about 3 inches get off and they just stick there untill i pull up on the front of the bike. what could i do to fix this????they worked great last ride thanks in advance, Maxx
  3. im not racing but i also dont plan on spending big bux for a big bore. it didnt hurt the cylinder luckly and i dont really feel like boring it. i am a novice rider i ride trails and a little track i plan on buying a weisco piston kit and cometic high comp. top end gasket set does that sound good?
  4. yea i have v force reeds , and i dont belive there is a 125 hi comp piston but i was wondering if there was any better piston than pro x or wiesco
  5. I have an 03 cr125 topend blew up (my fault) but i was wondering whats the best combo for a little more bottom end power? are there any better rings pistons gaskets or procedures? PS i know there is a 2 stroke forum but hopefully ill get more of a responce on here any help is greatly appreciated
  6. I have an 03 cr125 topend blew up (my fault) but i was wondering whats the best combo for a little more bottom end power? are there any better rings or gaskets?
  7. Man, does he ever get off the gas? i wish i could be 1/2 as good as that guy
  8. kinda............... sorry if this is a repostTraining
  9. c'mon there has to be more than 2 people
  10. There public trails. No markings though. So you will need a keen memory if you plan on riding there alone. there alot faster than the ones at 42 there very wide also. Wide enough for trucks infact. they have a mix of smooth fast trails, rocky trails, some muddy trails pretty much a good bit of everything. and you dont need to call or anything either.
  11. the 42 track was plowed down. So me and my buddy are makin one at my house. and little pilot is down hwy 42 a little bit farther its all trails and pretty good ones at that. I live on the same road that the mountains on and within 30 seconds im there. To get to Little Pilot continue goin down 42 away from asheboro towards the track after you pass the track go about 6 minutes down the road you will get to an intersection with a gas station on the right continue going straight and about 1 mile down the road there will be a road on the left called Hinshaw Town rd. Then as soon as u take that left take another left on Earl Brown Road. go about 30 secs and there will be a fork take the right fork and my house is the next house on the left . or keep goin straight and u will pass a trailer park and at the end of the road which isnt much there is a dirt road and your offically at Little Pilot Mt.
  12. yea i agree. When i can pull a triple back flip on a bike or a quad its jus STUPID. Its made by the people that has never seen a bike, For the people who have never seen a bike
  13. lol well i jut got a bike a month ago so im still mainly into trails i want to go to some tracks to get used to my bike in the air. Thanks for the sites
  14. This is a DUMB question but about how much oil does the bottom end of a cr125 need im used to workin on a 400ex where its all in one but neway can ya help me out
  15. hey just wondering if many people ride in central NC by riding buds are all repairing there pingers im the only one left ( pinger also) and was wondering if anyone has ever gone through little pilot in asheboro