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  1. gstt500

    KENDA 270

    I've used a combination of the K270 rear and kenda trackmaster front on my last 3 bikes and it works well for me. I get good mileage from the 270 and good off road traction. The K270 front is allright on gravel roads but the trackmaster is much better for mud and sand and does ok on the road, the center lugs wear out pretty fast though, but its more off road biased. My KLR had Dunlop D606's on it when I bought it and these were great tires but REALLY noisy which some people don't mind but i found it pretty annoying on longer highway rides, and the Kenda's hardly make any noise at all.
  2. Does anybody know if paint adhesion would be a problem too? for example painting on graphics? I have a 5.8 gal. acerbis
  3. Replaced mine at 8k mi. Had just purchaced used and while replacing what I think was orig. chain and sprockets I noticed the wear on the c shaft splines. Chain had been run very loose and the rear and lower front chain sliders were worn to almost nothing.
  4. gstt500

    650L 15/48 combo anyone?

    I just replaced a worn countershft on my 2000 650 l w/8k mi. When I bought the bike used I replaced the original 15/45 sprockets and chain, thats when I found the worn splines. So I wonder how much countershaft sprocket size and quality contributes to the problem.
  5. gstt500

    Can you shim the Countersprocket?

    Had the same problem with my 2000 650l w/8k mi. Thought about shimming it but decided to go all the way and replace the countershaft. Quite a project, replaced the clutch while I was in there. It sounds like this is'nt an uncommon problem. I bought this bike used last summer and while replacing the orig. chain and sprockets I found the rear and lower front chain sliders worn almost to nothing, I wonder if that wear caused extra slop in the drive train and contributed to the problem.
  6. gstt500

    need torque spec xr650l

    thanks for the confirmation, in my rush to get the bike back together I used the 80lbft value for the xr 600. Luckily I was right I guess. Impatience is'nt a virtue.
  7. gstt500

    need torque spec xr650l

    would anyone have the torque spec for the drive gear locknut? (30mm nut end of crankshaft inside right engine cover). Clymer manual has specs for xr600r (80lbft) and all others (43lbft) I don't think all others includes xr650. I think its time for the factory manual.
  8. gstt500

    cam chain sprocket question

    Thanks for the advice. Just wanted to make sure, followed procedures in my Clymer manual but it's a little vague on some of the 650L stuff. Most of my experience has been with older bikes and this motor seems a bit more hi-tech than what I'm used to, less tolerant of error anyway. Spent most of the weekend reassembling the motor after replacing a worn countershaft, the bike only has 8k mi on it,must be a weak point. I think I'll keep the drive sprocket splines lubed to make sure I don't have to do this repair again.
  9. I'm in the process of reassembling my 2000 xr650L and noticed while bolting the sprocket back on the camshaft that the camshft chain sprocket has another mark in addition to the two marks that line up with the top edge of the head. this is another line that would be 90 degrees from either side mark, if that makes sense. Anyways, I'm thinking that it should'nt matter if this mark goes to the top or bottom as the piston is at tdc but since this machine has the decompression mechanism on the cam shaft it may matter the way that the sprocket is bolted back on the the shaft. Any suggestions?
  10. gstt500

    650L Cam Chain, How Important?

    My 2000 650L makes a similar noise under the same conditions you described. I bought this bike this past year with around 7k mi. It sounded to me like possible chain noise. the chain, sprockets and plasic guide block were all badly worn. When I replaced them I found the countershaft splines were really worn, causing a lot of play in the front sprocket. there was some improvement after replacing the chain, etc. I changed the gearing from stock to 14/45 which could have helped too. Anyways, my theory is that the worn shaft could be causing the noise so I'll be replacing that this winter. If that does'nt fix it I'll consider detonation
  11. gstt500

    Klx 650?

    I'm looking for a 650 dual sport and just test drove a 94 KLX650. Its got 2500 mi. on it and in exc. cond. for $3000 or B/O, which I'm sure is way overpriced. It handled great on loose gravel and seems smooth and pretty quick. Anyways I know nothing about this particular model, seems like a fairly rare machine, and I would appreciate any info or advise on this model, (common problems, etc..) I own a 98 KLX300r which I really like and has been a great bike
  12. gstt500

    squirrely in the sand

    I should'nt bash the bike so bad, it is great to ride on pavement, handles good and surprisingly smooth for a little one lunger.
  13. gstt500

    squirrely in the sand

    thank you all for the advice. A lot of food for thought. I guess I should have test ridden the bike on more diverse conditions before I bought it. To be honest, its the worst handling sand bike I"ve ever ridden and since the off road bikes I've owned previously were old I've never had the pleasure to experience any of that new technology. Speaking of low tech, my present ride is a 79 yamaha xs650 street/dirt tracker I built, which handles like a dream on those sand roads and is an absolute blast to ride.
  14. gstt500

    squirrely in the sand

    not sure what you mean by clicker? all the the bikes I've up till this one have been antiques or "vintage"
  15. I bought a new 06 yamaha xt 225 last year for my wife. we do a lot of riding on sandy forest roads. Anyway, the front end is very unstable on this bike when its in deep sand, I've ridden it myself and it has nothing to do with her riding ability. I'm used to bigger bikes, has it got anything to do with this bike being so light? seems like there must be something I can do to improve its handling. I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions. The bike has aroud 600 miles on it with the stock factory tires.