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  1. Hey... I have a JD jet kit on my crf250x and it made a world of difference. Now I want one for my 500, but there isn't one... perhaps you can tell me exactly what I do need inorder to a) make more power of course, and start easier. If you can just make it start easier that will make me more than happy because it doesn't really need more power anywho
  2. redgsturbo

    Is this normal??

    Pretty crazy though eh? I've never seen any stuff like this happen before on a dirtbike
  3. redgsturbo

    Is this normal??

    Its my buddy's bike, but yes he just had a brand new '07 head put on the bike with steel valves and a new cam. I think I can see a chunk of cam or cam mount floating around in there now. Its going back to the mechanic that did the work that resulted in the above bolt-ejection. I suspect something was not tightened down and thats the cause. I was just joking about JB weld
  4. redgsturbo

    Is this normal??

    You can't see the pics? A bolt, quite literally, shot out of the head
  5. redgsturbo

    Is this normal??

    My friends bike wouldn't start, and I noticed what you see below. Is this supposed to happen, and if not, what do I need to do to fix it. JB weld? Its a 2005 CRF450X
  6. Takes a high pain tolerance too
  7. 450's aren't so fast
  8. I'd be leery of anything thats seen hardcore offroad use
  9. redgsturbo


    Be careful though... there is a huge amount of lower quality product being sold.
  10. I've having trouble sleeping since my back injury and am probably going to go ahead and get a tempurpedic mattress... my question is, can my neurosurgeon prescribe me a tempurpedic mattress so either a) my insurance will cover it, or I can claim it in my taxes?
  11. redgsturbo

    Hard muscle contractions... should I be concerned?

    Hmm... I'm not dehydrated. Pretty sure I'm getting plenty of sodium. I'm not getting any exercise but then thats not really possible at the moment. My diet right now is closer to normal than it has been since I injured myself. I'll probably call my neurosurgeon this week and see what he says. I'm having to see dr's once or twice a week now and this sucks
  12. redgsturbo

    Hard muscle contractions... should I be concerned?

    Its still happening... should I go back to the Dr?
  13. Lately (like right now) I've been waking up in the wee hours of the morning to my stomach muscles contracting extremely hard to the point of great pain. Its like they just lock up and I can't get them to relax for sometimes as much as 30 seconds or so. As soon as I get them to relax, any movement that causes them to contract at all locks them right back up. Its quite annoying and very painful and goes on for a few hours at a time. I assume it is related somehow to my broken back as this has never happened before. Any thoughts? Could it be caused by an dietary change? Related somehow to my generally greatly lessened physical activity as of late? It seems like when I just get out of bed and remain awake for a while it lets up and it only happens when I'm sleeping or trying to. During the day when I'm laying down it doesn't happen
  14. redgsturbo

    Spine question for Dr Mark

    My Dr expressed some concern about the bone protruding towards my spine on T12 from the fracture. It isn't touching my spine and so he didn't feel going in and doing anything about it was needed. My question is, what sort of threat will this pose to my spine if I take another spill that tweaks my back. If its just a hair from damaging my spinal cord then it seems to me I should do something about that. What do you think? I can supply you with the complete MRI cd image if you would like.. its only 31 megs
  15. redgsturbo

    Recovery time from T11 & T12

    I fractured my T11 and T12 on saturday. No surgery was needed. I sort of remember the dr saying something about my vertebrae being crushed either 20% of their prior size, or 20% smaller... I dunno I was pretty doped up at that time in the ER. How long will this take to heal, and what sort of long term issues should I be aware of and look out for. Most important, when can I get back on the bike? Maybe this is of use to get *some* extent of the injury?