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  1. I had two '85s over a period of 5 years. The digital speedo from the 1st one is on the XR400 in my garage, still works like it should.
  2. I had an XR628 some years ago that the stock forks/shock redone by Factory Connection, also a bone stock XR600. The 628 handled varied terrain with aplomb, the stocker rode like a jolt wagon in comparison.
  3. Spend the first money on suspension upgrades, you won't be sorry.
  4. Check the pulse generator. Resistance should be 360-440 ohms. If it is shot, Honda part # is 30300-MY6-671
  5. Just to clarify, the '83 and '84 350s were wet sump and had dual carbs. The '85 engine was upgraded to dry sump, 14 more cc.
  6. The brown one appears to be a used one.
  7. My son rode a DR350 for a while. It was a booger to start sometimes, clutch went out twice in 2 years, it is heavy and the suspension is tolerable at best. He was never satisfied with it. He bought a '96 XR400, had the suspension done by pro action and promptly rode it in the '96 Alligator enduro placing 1st in the 4 stroke class. The XRs are extremely reliable and economical to own. No, I have no affiliation with Honda.
  8. I also agree that USD is an improvement for motocross, etc. However, the stock forks can be made to do OK racing too. Not bragging, but in '96 I placed a class 5th at the Alligator Enduro on a '94 XR280 with stock forks with mods that I did myself.
  9. It looks a lot like a Pro Circuit that we had on an XR600 about 24 years ago, it also had a Supertrapp end on it like yours.
  10. The old damper rod forks are not worth the effort IMHO. "Cartridge" forks from a '96 or later 250 are much better, 400 forks better yet.
  11. Not unusual on an RFVC head, practically every head I have removed that had a lot of use on it had the scuffing. I have installed heads that were worse than yours with no problems. I suggest that you replace the bearings.
  12. I bought a used '94 quite a few years ago. The stock forks had been revalved/resprung by Factory Connection, they worked great. Only beef was the fork underhang.
  13. Test the pulse generator.
  14. I have more than once seen the o-ring seal on the carb adapter where it bolts to the head go bad and cause an air leak.
  15. '96 XR600 with many miles on it, no problems with it. The tire did great, good traction on all surfaces. We encountered a couple of dry washes where traction was at a minimum, but I got through it by keeping it pinned and maintaining momentum. The tires on bikes of the other riders were in much worse shape than the 760, some needed new tires before the end of the trip. I know, some will say that I was not on the throttle but I never fell behind riding with much younger guys.