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  1. ctonrugby

    New 450 2 stroke!!!!

    Engine is too small knucklehead! You got took.
  2. ctonrugby

    Ashville NC Riding??????

    HMM... good point, forgot about that one. Makes sense now. Here's where I would love to get a trip going... Hatfield McCoy's http://www.trailsheaven.com/ It's only about 450 miles from us. I was thinking about trying to get a trip going when my brother is back from Afghanistan in July. Not sure if he wants to do that or head to DP or Broadriver.
  3. ctonrugby

    Carolina Adventure World Fri. 27 Apr.

    Well, sorry you didn't enjoy it. I had fun with it. I don't disagree with anything you said about the ruts and what not though I just thought it made it a bit more challenging. Did you try any of the black diamond trails? Given that I am on the coast in Charleston and Wambaw is the closest trail to me, maybe my perspective is a little skewed as I am used to flat land and sugar sand.
  4. ctonrugby

    Carolina Adventure World Fri. 27 Apr.

    How was it today? I imagine the place was absolutely packed.
  5. ctonrugby

    Weekday (play hookie) ride at Brushy Mtn.

    HMM... Where is Brushy Mt at? How far from Charleston, SC and when do you figure riding will commence?
  6. ctonrugby

    Carolina Adventure World Fri. 27 Apr.

    Doug, What did you think of the trails (minus the two way and speed limit)?
  7. ctonrugby

    Ashville NC Riding??????

    Do you live on this site? How the hell did you get over a 1,000 posts in under a year?!
  8. ctonrugby

    Carolina Adventure World Fri. 27 Apr.

    fastwoodsrider... did you end up going to CAW today?
  9. ctonrugby

    Carolina Adventure World Fri. 27 Apr.

    HAHA... I made it anyway (see 06yz's post about buddy not going)! Screw work! Anyway... just pulled back in Charleston from CAW. They still have a bit of work to do on operations, but it has a ton of promise. For instance, we went through the gate and stopped at the first stand where they handed us a liability form and sent us to the next stand to pay and get a band before parking which was cool. But when we got to the next stand they sent us to the first place because we were paying with plastic not cash. Then once inside we proceeded to wait for about five or ten minutes for some chic to use their fax and a few phone calls. Not a huge deal, but after driving for 2+ hours I was hoping things would be a little more settled in from the business operations side. They had some good organization from a parking perspective and everything was really laid out well at the main parking/lodge area. Still no cabins for a few months from what they said though. Alright so onto the actual riding... everyone has heard or complained about it already so I won't mention the abundance of two way trails and speed limit again to avoid being repetitive. The actual trails were pretty fun and some of the single track was fairly challenging. Lots of hills, a bit of mud and a ton of turns (clutch hand still wore out from when I wasn't killing my bike). It was a pretty nice mix of everything. My only concern is how in the hell are they going to keep these things maintained?! It will be interesting to see how their trails look in six months. The only MX track we checked out was a little test track. Couldn't really find the main tracks, but we weren't looking hard either. We just did a lot of exploring and wrong turns. In comparison to Broadriver or Durhamtown... I think it is just as good really. The terrain difference is a huge plus in my book. I would probably prefer CAW to both if it wasn't for the two way trails. Overall it was worth the drive from my perspective, just wish they had the cabins done. A four hour drive to ride for a few hours kind of sucked.
  10. ctonrugby

    Best looking duo contest

    I just ordered a rekluse auto-clutch with perch. Do you have a rekluse or different one? Any installation tips?
  11. ctonrugby

    Real Cute

    I can't help but laugh my *ss off everytime I see it.
  12. ctonrugby

    South Carolina

    Damn Doug, nice list. Is that the one you were talking about?
  13. ctonrugby

    Return to Brushy, yes again, Sunday the 4th.

    Jay, You in Charleston, SC? You ride much at Wambaw?
  14. ctonrugby

    New trail project, need your help & support

    Where is this place at and what is the schedule for helping from here until done? I looked for directions or an address and could find nothing. I would be coming from Charleston and love to help as long as I am not working or have family business to attend to.
  15. ctonrugby

    Number plate and light

    Has anyone used UFO Oregon Enduro Headlight w/Blinkers on their bike? I don't want the blinkers, I am just looking for an all black number plate so if anyone has a good experience please share.