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    Thanks dirtbird I looked again an seen what you were talking about. New sneakers going on now! Thanks, Guns
  2. mr_guns


    I have been searching for directions to remove my front wheel on my 2011 Beta RS 450 with no luck. I've changed quite a few tires on other bikes, but never on the Beta. Please help me or guide me to a site. I have the service manual and owners manual but neither address removing the front wheel. I've never seen an axle like this and I don't want to damage anything. Thanks, Guns
  3. mr_guns

    Stewart to?

    I see yellow and podiums
  4. Did some riding and final prep work yesterday. The conditions are the best they have been in years.
  5. It's time for the River City Dirt Riders annual Black Bear Dualsport event in Osceola National Forest in North East Florida. This year the event will start out of Lake City Campground. To down load the flyer go to http://rcdr.org or http://dixiedualsport.com The weather has been co-operating this year so the trails have been great!
  6. Not sure of the dates for 2012 yet. Once finalized I'll let you know. We have to move our planned dates because of a conflict with another event.
  7. mr_guns

    What Jetting are you using in your Beta?

    This is an old post. I took the smog stuff off and the bike runs great. It never sits long been riding a lot!
  8. Went up to the Vstrom gathering in May. Rode the dragon and all the great roads in the area. However, I got stupid and rode for about 5 hours with no break other than gas. Just before finishing the Cherohala Skyway a turn came up to fast and surpised me... As I was skidding towards the guardrail I laid it down at the last second. I was knocked silly but not hurt. Broke some plastic and a couple things on the bike but the Givi bags saved the bike (had to replace them $$$$). Wearing all the gear is the only way to ride. Oh yeah don't be stupid like me, take a break once in a while:banghead:
  9. mr_guns

    Dual sport for small female?

    My daughter is only 5'2" and she can ride a Honda 230L with no problem.
  10. Some people want to stick with DOT and MX51, MX Mid Hard 454 are not street legal.
  11. mr_guns

    Highland Park *props*

    I think we got air in the 15 passenger van:)
  12. Good choice! a 50/50 tire is 50% no good when you need the traction in the dirt, just ask my Dr.
  13. 62S = Newer technology. I would have went with that but needed power to mine so got the 78S. 62S looks like a great product. my 2 cents.
  14. mr_guns

    Highland Park *props*

    I love this place, but I agree it's not a good place for beginners. Durhamtown is better suited for that.