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  1. mxer122

    How about this knock-off...

    i actually saw a guy racing one of those i remember lapping him
  2. mxer122

    Who makes this pegmount?

    it looks like a stocker painted black
  3. mxer122

    Trail Bikes Big Bore Kits & Oko carb

    i would never buy trail bikes stuff its junk got get you a tagewa or kitaco and a mikuni 26mm carb no 28s they suck
  4. mxer122

    Anyone use a suit body armor

    no i just wear a under rost u dont need any thing else
  5. mxer122


    i live in texas and i go snowboarding 3 or 4 times every year since i was born and i want one bad
  6. mxer122

    First Ride Impression KXF250 06

    yeah i got one in october and i still love it, i had a 05 kawi 250F and i thought about a honda for my next bike then one of my pro friends let me ride his 06 kawi and i fell in love again
  7. mxer122


    Do Drz/ Klx Have Oil Filters Please Help Me Figure This Out
  8. mxer122

    KX250F or RMZ250 what should i get

    04s are the same so what ever you like i have an 04 rmz for sale for 2750
  9. mxer122

    this bike right for me?

    250f is the way to go your too big for 80s
  10. mxer122

    manual clutch kit for drz110

    i have a manual clutch on my 110 it does a lot i can beat ttr 125s easy
  11. mxer122

    seat on 06 not being tall enough

    anybody think the seats are too low it kind of feels weird
  12. mxer122

    Which way do you whip it?

    im just gettin good at whips i can throw them great to the left but when i throw it right its like a butt whip like a goon
  13. mxer122

    '05 to '06 Parts Conversion for KX 250F ?

    What brand of exaust do you have i have a o6 and im looking for an exaust