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  1. dahenrymd

    WR250R Range and Mileage

    I rode 128 mi yesterday on a tank including 23 mi after the fuel light came on, and I never ran out of gas. This was about 2/3 dirt at 30-45 mph and 1/3 street at 55-60. I tried to fill it back up to the top and only got 1.7 gallons in, for an ave. of 75 mpg.
  2. dahenrymd

    2008 WR250R Ride Height Adjustment

    I haven't played with the jam nut yet, but it appeared to me that with my kid sitting on the seat I could gain access to it. That seemed to move the dogbones down below the nut.
  3. My new WR250R is a great bike except for the seat height. I am 5'7", 129 lb, and 55 yrs. I see the jam nut at the bottom of the rear shock, but once I loosen it, how do I adjust the ride height without twisting the rebound damping adjuster? I hate to be a dummy, but I don't want to screw up the shock. Anyone have experience with this issue?
  4. My kids both ride KLX250s (2006), and I just got a WR250R. It is much taller and a little more powerful, but the difference is not nearly enough to make a trade worthwhile. Your KLX is a fine bike!
  5. dahenrymd

    Corbin Seat for DRZ-S

    You should get a Renazco seat. Mine is great. DAH
  6. dahenrymd

    D606 Front wear?

    My D606s did exactly the same thing - they wore down to < 50% (and triangular) after 1000 mi. I am now running TKC 80s front and rear, and I experience good 50/50 traction and wear.
  7. I have a street legal CRF 150 and had a street legal CRF 230 until trading it for a KLX250 last yr. Both were done with BAJA Designs kits and a mirror. It took about a half hour to get the folks at the Dept of Finance and Administration to understand that this was a street legal motorcycle in current trim, but a talk with the administrator took care of things. Andy
  8. dahenrymd

    DR650 or DRZ400?

    I have a DRZ400S and my father-in-law has a DR650, so I have ridden them both. You will be much happier with the DR650 for your intended use. The DRZ is OK on the highway with stock tires, a steering stabilizer, and a Renazco seat, but why spend an extra $1000 to make it almost as good a street bike as the stock DR650 (I did so because I also have a GSXR1000 and wanted a more dirt oriented dual sport to ride with my teenage sons on mostly single track trails connected by an occasional highway). You will end up doing most of your riding on the street, and the DR650 is a much better choice for commuting. Trust me on this, I'm a doctor.
  9. dahenrymd

    Brachial plexus injury

    A few months and I'll be ready to go again. Judging from several friends' experience, I'd say that bikes are safer and certainly cheaper to ride than women!
  10. dahenrymd

    Brachial plexus injury

    Mark, I am a 53 yr old interventional cardiologist in AR. I lowsided my GSXR 1000 3 wks ago on a racetrack (45 degree day and no tire warmers - too fast on my second session that morning.). I impacted on the back of my L shoulder, and X rays a few days later showed no fxs of ribs or scapula. I drove home and was able to work until midnight that night. I have mild hypesthesia of my L index finger, middle finger, and thumb. I have radicular pain in my triceps area, a lot of pain in the rhomboid area, mild winging of my scapula, and weakness of the L triceps and serratus. I got an MR that showed only an old 30% compression fx of C7 (age 19 when a chinup bar ripped out of the wall) and "mild to moderate" foraminal narrowing at C4,5 and C6,7. I have had no previous trouble with this. No disk protrusion was seen. An EMG showed only one transient positive wave in the triceps (out of 4 sites), NL serratus innervation, and NL NCVs in my hand. I couldn't lift 1 lb off the floor with my triceps last week, and now I can do 30 reps with 5 lb. I presume that this is mostly a neuropraxia, but I guess that I may have some degeneration in the C5 and C6 roots. I am working with a sports medicine therapist on strenghtening my triceps and serratus as well as tensing the rhomboids to stretch the serratus. I have been fortunate in that I haven't missed any work, but wearing 25 lbs of lead on my 132 lb frame all day really makes my L rhomboid area hurt! I've been taking naproxen but no narcotics. Any guess as to how long something like this takes to resolve, and what level of recovery one might expect? Thank you for your time. Andy Henry
  11. dahenrymd

    High speed wobble

    My DRZ wobbles at 65+. I am running a TKC 80 front (static balanced) and 606 rear. I backed the rear shock preload off a little because of my short legs (5'7"), but I would expect that lowering the rear end would increase trail and increase stability rather than reducing it. I have a Scotts dampener, but even cranked full on, the bike wobbles. I don't have the problem with the TrailWings mounted, but I am a little afraid of riding with them in the dirt. Yes, I checked the archives, but I am still confused. This really makes the bike less fun on the highway, and I use it frequently to commute where I need to keep up with the traffic on the freeway. Help!!!
  12. dahenrymd

    Brocks Creek trails, Arkansas

    I have not ridden the new Brock Creek ATV trail, but my sons and I have ridden all over White Oak Mtn and the Brock Creek area on Forest Service roads. I can give you some information if you will call me at 501 350 1022. Dr. Henry
  13. dahenrymd

    Tubeless tires

    Any problem using a tubeless TKC 80 with a tube on my OEM front rim?
  14. dahenrymd

    Corbin Seat\Lowering links need info

    The gel seat is less comfortable than the stock seat. I am 5'7" and 132 lb (and 53 years). I put a Kouba #2 on my bike, and it worked well to lower the seat height. I ultimately took it off because the suspension compressed a little more than I liked while cornering at moderate speeds on the street. You can have mine if you want them. PM me if interested. DAH
  15. dahenrymd

    Corbin vs Renazco seat

    Any advice re: Corbin vx Renazco seat for my DRZ400S?