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  1. malfunkti0n

    2002 KX250 build thread

    Crank seals and main bearings installed, couple of transmission bearings replaced where needed. Crank back and looking amazing with new Vesrah rod. Currently waiting on cylinder. Slow but steady I suppose.
  2. malfunkti0n

    dilemma.. street vs dirt

    I went from dirt to street back to dirt. My ideal situation would be to have a comfortable touring bike or dual sport with MX in the garage, but that's pretty pricey. So I just keep an MX bike around. I found that on super hot days when I wanted to ride, wearing all the gear (if you don't wear the proper gear you're a fool) in 100+ temperatures is terrible and just makes it not very enjoyable. Stick to dirt, IMO.
  3. malfunkti0n

    2 STROKES ONLY- Insane Vid!

    Awesome! Beautiful sound!
  4. malfunkti0n

    Crashes Wipeouts and Fails Vid

    Hilarious around 1:20 where your buddy just falls over when you aren't looking. One second he's there trying to get the bike up that little dip, the next you see the bottom of the wheels.
  5. malfunkti0n

    Favorite Air filter oil?

    No Toil. Easy to apply, easy to clean.
  6. malfunkti0n

    JS7 picture (hand)

    I want to see some racing like the 250 class has right now .. its brutal and fast!
  7. malfunkti0n

    JS7 picture (hand)

    Wow, this thread is really kinda pitiful, some of you really need to get your own lives and stop worshiping the guys on the bikes. They are paid athletes, they don't do this for the fun anymore, it is their job. None of you know what one contract says over another, so why even debate about things that you will probably NEVER know? Even if you did know, it still WOULDN'T matter. Man, fans and haters are the most ignorant of the bunch sometimes. Enjoy the sport because it's cool, because you like seeing fast bikes and fast riders, but leave it at that, your worship of one over the other is just pathetic.
  8. Trying to find a good local source for crank bearings .. does anyone have the specs (OD, ID, etc) for the crank bearings on a 2002 KX250? The part # on the bearing is TM83/28JR/72C4 but I can't seem to cross it to anything else. I don't have the bearing in my hands currently (coming back with crank I had rebuilt). So, anyone able to provide that information or a cross reference to a Koyo or Timken part? Edit : To save you guys the trouble, the part # is TMB3/28JR/72C4. Its a 72mm x 28mm x 18 mm bearing. Using the correct part number and size, no one I have spoken to is able to reference this part to anything else. Looks like I will just stick with ordering from Kawi.
  9. malfunkti0n

    2002 KX250 build thread

    My issue with any company telling me "not to worry" and they would "make it right" if something happens is that words are cheap, but owning up and fixing a $500 repair because their "great bearings" ruined your cylinder and a few other things takes more than words. No disrespect towards you at all, please don't think that, I just have trouble with the word of a company that farms out to the cheapest supplier possible. Not much info on KML bearings really .. I would prefer to know I have a good quality bearing rather than a potential good bearing .. or potential bad bearing. I would do some research on the ceramic bearings before you switch. It seems to be that they are great for guys that pull motors apart after each race, but it seems they don't last all that long ... not to mention they cost quite a bit!
  10. malfunkti0n

    2002 KX250 build thread

    Correct! On a side note .. I took the chance and ordered ($33) a crank bearing/seal kit from All Balls .. Nothing but chinese made garbage, KML brand. Back to the supplier they go, I will not run some cheap garbage in my crank bearings .. if they were wheel bearings, perhaps.
  11. malfunkti0n

    2002 KX250 build thread

    Crank arrived with Mr Crankshaft today, he already started work on it. Cylinder is headed out to PowerSeal today .. forgot I had used them in the past, they did a great job. Also heard from my friend about the sand blasting, should happen in about two weeks as he is taking a vacation next week. That will give me plenty of time to clean up the cases as I want and piece the bottom end back together.
  12. malfunkti0n

    crf150f riding video

    Of course it has more power than the F, I never said it didn't. The R is a full on race bike, complete with full on small bore 4 stroke maintenance as well and it's high strung. You can make it good for woods, but why not just buy a woods bike if that's what you want to do? I would have to say a huge portion of woods riders couldn't tell the difference between the fork and shock set on the R vs the F, they are just in it for fun.
  13. malfunkti0n

    crf150f riding video

    No way I would want a 150R for woods riding. If you're going to do woods, get the bike setup for woods .. that 150f is great for woods as he showed us.
  14. I had Thor Quadrants, I was not a big fan of them. I really do not feel that they give proper protection for anything over simple trail riding (simple trails, nothing more). I don' think you can go wrong with the SG-10's!
  15. malfunkti0n

    Stand for bike

    Pump some iron guys, come on!