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  1. that would be good. there are lots of trails. call when you want to go...825 6125
  2. well that's cool i am 7 miles away in middleton
  3. where in ns are you?
  4. i use a resurfacer. make a fly cut should be flat.
  5. yes torque plates should used on any build. also make sure deck is square.before bolting on plates. years ago we used to heat up before machine work but really no advantage. engine runs at different temps anyway depending on load[ day temps,type of riding etc.]
  6. sounds ok as long as the stock index mark is in right place. should ck they have been off before by 3 or 4 deg. with 10.3 static cr will be around 7ish dynamic cr
  7. total timing 28 to 30 max,if stock. are ports stock or? what ex. port volume? flow speed? what cam numbers at 50,100 etc? is cam installed straight up or +or- ? what dynamic compression ratio? just some stuff to think about.
  8. sorry,should have asked/looked were you are. mile high city, no air. i am at sea level ,eastern canada. go to local mc shop check their jet kits have all sizes, grab handful. is needle titainum, what taper? the fun has only begun. good luck.
  9. sorry should have read your post closer, profile of needle maybe but i would bump main up to 170.
  10. sounds lean. take bike out run hard up through gears pull clutch lever hit kill switch at same time ,stop bike pull spark plugs, check color of plug porcelain tan ok,light lean, dark rich. change jetting until tan. good luck.
  11. depends if throttle is in sane or insane mode. i have same mods fuel milage is 240km/tank before res.