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  1. if you consider a 17 year old a kid then ya i guess i am
  2. you all make fun of me for my spelling i dont care so drop it you all must have some serious problems with your selves if you feel the need to fix or correctly state or judge what im saying and if you cant under stand what i mean when i miss spell a word your the dum ass ok so yall need to go get a life...and just to let yall know in computer class today i was responding in this thread and my teacher saw that i was typing on a site so she read it and i let her see what all you people wrote and she just laughed and said that you all have no lives. so kiss my
  3. alls you all do is make fun of me
  4. judging by all the posts you people put on here you all need to get a life you must just sit on the comp and insult little kids
  5. and every body on its just a critic
  6. *** this site
  7. if you can figure what baketrie means you need some help to
  8. you all are dick heads i was trying to type fast so i could got to the track that night yall can kiss my ass
  9. dave chapell rocks
  10. you know what kid you need to go get a life and stop insulting people when your a your a little kid that has alot to learn yet in this world.
  11. i dont save x rays what the point so i can go show my little friends so they believe me i dont fell the need to prove myself to you.
  12. lol.... this brings back memories.... a wile back me and my dad had had that idea we bought a school bus cut where the back door s off and every thing around it put in a garage door worked great....but wile driving down the dirt/ rock road to get to the trck the garage door just like flew off we had no clue what happened and we still dont we think we had a bad welder...tons of money down the drain
  13. and how would i show you pic the kid's who's bike's i wreaked arent poor they got there bikes fixed already. This happened over a year ago
  14. it diddnt snap in half never said that dick head just said it broke off as in off the frame.Go ride off a cliff
  15. By a arm i mean swing arm ok and, if you cant under stand what i wrote because of a few miss spelled words your the one who needs help.