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    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    Hey all you guy's.....I've been riding and racing my SXF for the last 2 month's. It rules I race in the veteran class and all of the guy's in my class are on 450's and I own the front of the field in the holeshot department this bike flat out hauls the mail. I've been out of racing for the past 10 or so years but I ride a lot of bikes, and this is the BEST bike I've ever ridden, period. It has more power than any 250 four stroke if ridden, and I think that with a bit of tweaking it could pull some 250 two strokes....As far as hard to start...I had some problems at first, and thought I had made a bad choice. I talked to KTM Canada and was told to not kick the kickstarter so hard (sounds odd I know) but they were right. If you kick easy in one smooth stroke, it always flashes within 2 kicks. I look forward to working on the suspension, and jetting to make it super plush, and more arm pulling. But as it goes now it is the best, everone that has one know's what I am talking about and everone that doesn't have one wishes they did know what I am talking about.....2006 KTM 250SX-F
  2. 2Wheelsdown

    06 kx 450 Speed or position system

    hey guy..... I'm pretty sure it is like last years YZ's.. ...but i'm not sure what you mean by a TCV good luck...the new KX450 is very nice....