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  1. gilstone650

    DR650 idling problem

    I have a problem with low idling on my DR650. Recently, my bike engine went dead after starting especially when I did not apply the throttle (close throttle) or engine is in idling state. My 2004 DR650 is in stock condition. I try to turn up the idle mixture screw but the problem still persists. Could the poor idle caused by dirt clogging in the carburetor? How can I fix this issue? Thanks
  2. gilstone650

    2004 DR650 bleeding

    I have a 2004 DR650, with about 24000km on it. It has a oil leak on the right side of the engine. I could not locate the source of the engine oil leak. Oil leak only visible when the bike is moving (open throttle). Could this be the leaky base gasket issue? I learned that all DR650 from 1996 to 2003 have the oil leak due the paper gasket. Mine is a 2004 model, it should have a metal gasket. Please help me to identify the cause of leak. Thanks