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  1. drz143

    new kitaco 143se bore kit with 28mm carb

    willy browning rus that kit on his classic honda sponsered bike. its supposed to be an insane combo making upwards of 17hp.
  2. does this kit make the bike full-manual or semi-auto like most of the hydraulic kits do?
  3. drz143

    KTM clones now?

    thats 2.2kw (kilowatts) which is about 3hp, still not so impressive though
  4. drz143

    110 shock options, suggestions??

    check fast50s for their swing arm and works shock combo. its extended 2" and when paired with the works shock looks to be a sweet setup, which is what i plan to run. It is also one of the more affordable options around $260 for the shock and $250 for the swingarm.
  5. drz143

    Will the 134 do much to my drz 110??

    the 134 kits are very good and have good all around power but personally i would stay with either a Takegawa or Kitaco bore kit. the I have a freind with a Two Bros 134 kit with carb and everything else. i guess that makes it the stage 3 and it rips. power wheelies on command in 3rd gear. its nuts
  6. drz143

    KLX110 cam

    and after you do the cam and want to step up to a larger displacment, crower power offers a bore up kit without the cam so you can use the one you already have
  7. drz143

    DRZ 110 Help

    www.paxracing.com makes an upper and lower triple clamps to fit a kx/rm 65 fork on your 110. Its about $299 but it looks to be a very nice setup. and good luck on finding a use BBR pro rear, i don't know of too many people that would be upgrading much farther then that.