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  1. Woods Racer

    Ama only interested in e bikes?

    Thanks for the reply. Love hearing that it's a monster in the midrange! Torque can be intoxicating!
  2. Woods Racer

    Ama only interested in e bikes?

    Tell us more about the Zero? Was the throttle on/off like a light switch or progressive? Could you get used to the motor ? Did it handle well?
  3. Woods Racer

    Rekluse Pro on a YZ125?

    Wow, no one has done this mod?? I think this would be alot of fun on my YZ155.
  4. Woods Racer

    rekluse pro users

    what about Honda plates make them the recommedation? Are they thicker? More durable?
  5. Woods Racer

    Springs on an '06 RM250

    The springs are installed and i went for the 1st ride. The front is wonderful and compliant. The rear is a HUGE difference - so smooth and plush. I still can't quite get the full 4 inches of sag with the 4.8 rear spring - i am at 3.75 and the bike is a little twichy at speed, but not too bad.
  6. Woods Racer

    Help! Need low end torque for my 07 Rm250.

    could you elborate on what you mean by the "main clutch" being installed the right way up? i will be putting the Rekluse pro in my '06 rm250.
  7. Woods Racer

    144 kit for a 2006 or newer YZ125?

    i have an Eric Gorr '05 YZ155. Wow it is really a great woods bike - light flickable and enough power down low. The power is no where near the power of my '06 RM250, but it is just enough that i am much faster through the woods on the YZ155. I am also thinking of putting in a Rekluse Pro for the really gnarley sections.
  8. Woods Racer

    Rekluse Pro on a YZ125?

    I noticed on the rekluse web site that the rekluse pro on will work on the YZ125 using the YZ125 Add-on Kit (order RMS871 and RMS258). Has anyone used it? Any ride reports?
  9. Woods Racer

    Springs on an '06 RM250

    i went ahead and ordered .40 on the front and a 4.8 on the rear. I'll report back my results.
  10. Woods Racer

    Springs on an '06 RM250

    thanks for the response. This does bring up a question - if the shock and the fork do not have position sensitive valving (which i assume they don't) then why would sitting a little lower in the stroke with soft springs be stiffer?
  11. Woods Racer

    Springs on an '06 RM250

    I have a '06 RM250. I just had my suspension revalved and it is much more compliant in the woods, but still WAY too stiff, so i believe i need to swap to softer springs. I ride NO MX, I only ride woods - C enduro rider. I am only 145 lbs w/o gear. I need input from some of the lightweights out there about what spring rate to use. Race Tech Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.397 kg/mm Stock Fork Spring Rate: .430 kg/mm (stock) Race Tech Recommended Rear Shock Spring Rate: 4.88 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.2 kg/mm (stock) I am thinking of going softer than the recommendations - I want a really soft and plush ride. If I went with Front: .38 and Rear: 4.6, would it be too soft?
  12. Woods Racer

    FMF stealth on RM250

    i put the stealth on my '06 RM250 which replaced the stock silencer. It is definitely much quieter than stock, but you still hear alot of noise from the open airbox and the thin stock pipe. It is no where near as quiet as my '02 KDX220 with its airbox lid in place. If i took off the airbox lid of my KDX, then they are similar in noise. I did not notice ANY negative impact on the power.
  13. Woods Racer

    might get a 125...

    they are great bikes. you will really love that you can ride the bike hard and not worry so much about the power getting away from you.
  14. Woods Racer

    What flywheel weight to 06 YZ 125?

    i have an '05 that is bored & stroked to 155, and it has a 7oz flywheel weight. It is smooth and lugs great for a small bore -- not too snappy.
  15. Woods Racer


    Yep, eric gorr will have all the details. He did both the crank work and case mods. It is just a 125 with more power everywhere, its not a 250 beater. It is just the right amount of power for me. Superlight, but more guts when i need it.