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  1. mxracer16

    my race day!

    thanks for the comments!
  2. mxracer16

    my race day!

    i did have a really good time! that is one of the few tracks here in ireland that i get better traction in the wet then in the dry! great track in all weathers!
  3. mxracer16

    my race day!

    few more pics! style check! my brother.. me! my girlfriend watching me race!!
  4. mxracer16

    my race day!

    my first race since rebuilding my bike! was a bit wet at the start but seemed to dry up pretty quickly. didn't do too bad i got 12th overall out of 35 riders! try spot me! not looking good!
  5. mxracer16

    Pictures of ya bikes

    here's my 05 crf250! enjoy!
  6. mxracer16

    what an idiot

    kxf450 - €6000 rear tire - €70 video camera - €150 watching some idiot overheat his bike and burn his tire out - priceless...
  7. mxracer16

    x fighters pics!

    thanks for all the comments! here's some more pics for yas! enjoy!
  8. mxracer16

    x fighters pics!

    no problem! sorry for some of the bad quality pics! travis pastrana - won matt rebeaud - second dany torres - third
  9. mxracer16

    x fighters pics!

    unfortionately no autographs but i did get to shake pastrana's hand! after the event he got down off the podium/stage and hopped over the fence and into the crowd. and me being small sneaked in between the crowds of people! travis is amazing on the bike! and renners whips are amazing
  10. mxracer16

    New here. I have pics to.

    nice lookin bike u got there! my dad has a ktm 250sx. its a great bike, how do you like the 4 stroke ktm?
  11. mxracer16

    x fighters pics!

    quite a few here! finally got to see some proper freestyle here over here in ireland! but typical ireland it rained! hope ya like the pics! sorry if some of the pics are a bit far away. we didn't have the best seats!
  12. mxracer16

    lets see ur most technical jumps.

    i seriously wanna go there!! looks really fun.. would it be possible to triple any? or is it too tight? cool pic btw:thumbsup:
  13. mxracer16

    bit o fun!

    itis handy having a little track of my own! but i can't go out on it too much just to keep the neighbours happy!
  14. mxracer16

    bit o fun!

    lol! the only luck us irish have is some good weather! we have been very lucky these past few weeks!
  15. mxracer16

    Your Best Pic!

    here's a couple of my best pics!