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  1. Esinem

    led blinkers,need help asap

    The connector for my (missing) flasher has three wires: grey, grey/white and black but my replacement flasher has only two terminals. Since the grey & grey/white wires seem to be the common on the turn switch should I wire these together?
  2. Esinem

    Bloody Turn Signals

    On my XR650, the wires from the handlebar swith are 3 pairs (I stripped it today to check for my own purposes) as follows: 1) Orange, orange/white 2) Blue, blue/white 3) Grey, grey/white. 1) & 2) are the indicators (2 wires each as I think one runs to the front, the other the back) 3) goes to the flasher, plus a black wire. You should get continuity between 3) and one of the other pairs depending on which way you push the switch. At least, I think that's how it works... Here's my problem, if anyone can advise: My XR650R didn't have a flasher unit or signals, so I bought a generic Honda m/c flasher (reputed to solve LED flash rate probs, so I assume it's electronic, not thermal) and the bonus was it had the right 3 pin socket. I'm tryingto run LEDs front and std bulbs rear. I assume it had indicators once as there is a turn switch and the harness appears to be wired for indicators. However, whilst the new flasher plugs in, it has 2 leads and the connector on the existing wiring harness has 3 wires (black, grey and grey/white). The back indicators now work fine but the front won't light a std indicator but will light an LED (flash rate is a bit weird too). Also the headlamp flashes in time with the indicators. The indicator switch has 2 sets of wires on each of the 3 contacts: orange, orange/white; blue, blue/white and grey, grey white. The latter two go to the 3 pin connector that fits the flasher unit, the other two sets being the indicators. The connector from the wiring harness also has a black lead. I assume that the orange/white and blue/white are the rear and the plain ones the front indicators. I'm wondering if the flasher needs 3 leads to get the front indicators to work properly? What's with the headlamp indicating too?
  3. I have an 02 CRF450. It developed starting probs which turned out to be due to leaking inlet valves. The valve stems had worn a 'V' about an inch from the top of the stem and the seats were worn. The metal supporting the inlet valve guides at the rear, i.e. the ramp or buttressing supporting the guides on the carb side within the inlet tract, had been ground away too as little as 1mm at the top. I had the valves replaced but the problem has re-emerged 150 miles later (I assume, as it's now not starting). I am not certain if the guides were replaced. The question is: Has this compromised the support of the valve guides allowing them to move when hot or is it OK to remove this much metal? Is this related to the wear and seating problems? Is it more likely that the mechanic failed to replace the guides and thus merely cured the symptom and not the cause?
  4. Ah! Just looked up in the manual and confirmed that the flywheel puller comprises the puller plus and end cap. OK, so the Honda tool is OK to use? I'm assuming that they know to use the end cap as they only sell Honda MX bikes and also race them. The other dealer says they only use a modded tool as the Honda one causes damage. Is this a) rubbish advantageous as the Honda one might cause probs sometimes c) essential?
  5. Thanks guys but I'm not sure you understood my question fully. Firstly, I haven't worked on the engine. It has been to 2 Honda CRF specialists. They have given me conflicting stories. Which is correct? 1) The standard Honda flywheel puller works fine (assuming it is used properly*). The fact that it tends to push in the little copper bush in the end of the crank is no problem. 2) Any tuner that knows his stuff will never use the standard tool as it can damage this bush and restrict the oil-way with the risk of major engine failure. They will use a specially modified tool. * One post suggests that the Honda puller comes with the end cap but I am not sure how damage can occur or how the bush can be pushed in if this is used.
  6. Is this cap something that Honda would supply as part of their flywheel tool or is it a vital after market add-on? I'm asking this question as I have an argument between two dealers. One claims that using the std and unmodded tool has damaged my crank, the other says he has always used the official tool (see 2 views on this above) and it's OK. I'm trying to figure out who is talking, ...erh, bovine excrement, to put it politely. Has the first dealer knackered my crank and will it blow up?!
  7. I am hearing two different stories: 1) The standard Honda flywheel puller works fine. The fact that it tends to push in the little copper bush in the end of the crank is no problem. 2) Any tuner that knows his stuff will never use the standard tool as it can damage this bush and restrict the oil-way with the risk of major engine failure. They will use a specially modified tool. Your comments please.
  8. Esinem

    How to check a stator

    Dirt cheap standard L95 stator on eBay if that helps http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8016103528&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  9. Standing currently at £1!! Somebody is going to get a REAL BARGAIN! This is an unused standard L95 Honda (ignition only) stator: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8016103528&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  10. Esinem

    WANTED: stator 02 CRF450

    I've got a new OEM Honda CRF450 stator for sale. I'm in the UK but could easily ship it as it doesn't weigh much.
  11. Esinem

    Disapointed by CRF

    Gods tells me that my CFR450 supermoto puts out 48.5bhp at the rear wheel with a Power Bomb and airbox mods. With road gearing, it's a pussycat - granted, one that's being chased by a hungry greyhound
  12. Esinem

    Free lighting coils for CRF owners?

    Yes, that's a sure way of answering the question. I just thought I'd ask before trying to re-invent any wheels and maybe save myself the trouble of getting my tool kit out.
  13. Standard CRF450 electrics: Could the two unused terminals at around 5 o'clock on the photo be outputs for lighting? If not, what are they? My local CRF dealers wondered if they might have been a prototype for the 450X system.