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  1. Adam_RMZ

    05 RMZ cutting out

    It definately is the valves, common problem on fourstrokes. replace the valves and it will probably run like new again.
  2. Adam_RMZ

    06 RMZ450 first ride report

    I got my new RMZ 450 last week, and i rode it for the first time this week. And all i can say is that it is awesome. Third gear in ALL corners and it still pulls like a dragster. Very easy to ride, don`t feel heavy at all, doesn`t feel heavier than my RM 250, but when the track gets bumpy i am sure i willl feel the difference... Before i rode i switched the mainjet from 170 to 175, here in sweden the temperature is about 0 degrees. If you say that your bike is slow then there must be some serious problem with your bike, becaus mine is wheeling all the time. Fix your bike and ride it and have fun... I have ridden both the KXF 450 and the CRF 450 all 2006 models, and i can say that the RMZ is the easiest to ride, has the best powerband, and it is absolutely the best in the corners, the only problem i have with it is that my suspension feels stiff, but maybe it gets better when i have ridden it a couple of times ??? I have to wait and see... Merry Christmas to ALL guys on TT and a happy New Year !!!
  3. Adam_RMZ

    GREEN plastic for rm450

    Actually green plastic is available for the RMZ 450 i have a picture of a green on my computer... If you want it i can send it add: adam_mx1@hotmail.com
  4. Adam_RMZ


    just so you know, the KX250f have been tested since 1996 in Japan, and look at all the problems it had on the 2004 model...
  5. Adam_RMZ

    Do you guys have msn ??

    ja lätt, d e ju aldrig fel med en svenne har du kawas 450? har testat den, den går ju som ett as...
  6. Adam_RMZ

    Do you guys have msn ??

    it would be cool if we had each others msn, so we could tell each other how it goes on with our RMZ mine is: adam_mx1@hotmail.com
  7. Adam_RMZ

    From RM 250 to RMZ-450 ???

    I am not sue if i should switch my RM 250 for a new rmz 450, i really like my rm 250, but i am more a fourstroke guy. I am not sure how much more tired i will be on the 450 either.