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  1. husky booster

    looking for a leftover 08 ttr125e

    bardwell yamaha in mississippi usually has the best prices.will deliver here in southeast texas for 150.they might meet ya half way.
  2. husky booster

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    i usually honk and wave at the harley guys when those pieces of crap are sittin on the side of the road broken down:moon:
  3. husky booster

    2009 Updates?

    i'm not sure why yamaha wouldn't use the raptor 700 motor.that would make 1 fast supermoto and you know they got plenty motors to spare.
  4. husky booster

    Supermoto Stands

    i used the one that comes from Pit Posse.it's too tall but there's an extension you take out and it was perfect for my drzsm.
  5. husky booster

    Continential Contiforce SM tires

    i used 1 front and 2 rears.good tires for the price
  6. husky booster

    Alabama/Florida pricing?

    bardwell yamaha in mississippi has pretty good prices.
  7. husky booster

    Looked at a WR250X today

    i rode my drzsm for a year and a half and it was barely big enough for all around street ridin.it was a blast except on the hiway.i gotta think that 250 will just be too small.the dealer in beaumont texas had one and didn't know what it was.i convinced him to put it together.i'm gonna go look at it tomorrow.i just bought an fz1 so theres no chance i'll buy but i wanted to see one in person.
  8. husky booster

    DRZ 400 SM engine noise

    my 06 sm is kinda rattly too.8000 miles and counting.there just noisy i think cause of the aluminum cylinder and no iron liner and stuff.run it i plan too.
  9. husky booster

    '03 z400 won't run unless on choke

    pilot jet is plugged if it will only run with the choke on.
  10. husky booster

    Bar End Mirrors

    i used a 2" crg mirror on the left side.you can see plenty behind you and it doesn't stick out very far.there kinda expensive though but well made.i've used the same one on 3 different bikes a buell xb9s a 919 and my drz sm.
  11. husky booster

    Arctic Cat 250...Leaks Oil BAD! :(

    thats a korean or taiwan motor i think.check around you might find a compatible engine or parts.i think the kymco's use that motor.
  12. husky booster

    2005 SM Rear tail bracket snapped!

    mine broke after only about 3 months and 2500 miles.i used an s rear inner fender and chopped it down a little.
  13. husky booster

    regular or premium gas. stock vs. Uni filter

    i run premium or the middle grade.the gas comin outta the gulf coast refineries is suspect in the lesser grade it seems.my sm actually pinged a couple times on regular.so no more cheap stuff for me,leave that for the generator.
  14. husky booster

    Mods Mean Trouble

    if i could find a stock air box i'd put mine back stock.
  15. husky booster

    Is my front wheel correctly mounted?? pics

    my 2006 sm had the plastic lug in front of the fork leg lug.thats opposite of what it seems like it should be.i rotated the gearbox back so they touched and tightened the pinch bolts and axle as noted in my clymers manual.putting the lug behind the other one put the speedo cable at a sharper angle.my sm still has a speed wobble but the wheel needs truing up.