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  1. TractorDan

    Found a plate at Rimrock

    I'm glad you could help a fellow rider plate his dirt bike.
  2. TractorDan

    Rimrock GP

    On tap for next year's GP is on-line sign-up and faster scoring.
  3. TractorDan

    Rimrock GP

    I'm glad you liked that last section of the track because setting up that section was my assigned responsibility.
  4. TractorDan

    The end of an era

    Do you know anyone who has a good XR400 engine? I have a street legal frame and would like to put it back together again.
  5. TractorDan

    The end of an era

    I feel your pain. I bought my 1999 XR400 brand new and had to retire it this week. After just over 11,000 documented trail miles, the poor old engine has just about no compression left. Upon tearing it down, it needs just about everything and the parts list totaled over $1250.