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  1. The crf230 is going to be my son's Baja bike so we will fab a rack and put a 1 gal Rotopax gas can on the back. My xr440 has a 5 gal gas tank and gets less mpg than the 230 so we'll be fine ...
  2. Ogri88

    XR400 - 440 kit long term longevity

    Well I wanted to chip in and cheer on about the longevity issue of the XR440 / Big Bore kits. I finally got around to servicing the my xr440 after last years epic 11,000 miles of daily riding over 3 months through Central and South America. The heads and valves were carbon-city, but the piston only had a little carbon, and the cylinder looked great apart from a very faint 2mm wide line group that I can barely feel. However the outer valve springs (new Kibblewhites pre trip) were toast, now well below the Honda service spec of 43.1 mm, at 42 mm. Valve stems are still straight and in spec though, so I will get the new spring set and clean and re-assemble. The only 'major' item was a need for a complete new set of clutch plates, discs and springs as the plates were all blackened and well under spec in thickness, as were the discs, and the springs. I knew this though, as from Arequipa, Peru and South for the next 2,000 miles or so I felt the clutch slipping on steep hills, strong headwinds etc - but never from a standstill for some reason!? - so I just nursed it on to my destination of Valparaiso, Chile. !Vive la XR440!
  3. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.
  4. Hi - thanks for the write up on modding the crf230. What model is the Clarke 3 Gallon gas tank, is it 1458 for the crf450 or another one?
  5. Ogri88

    San Diego area Family riding anyone?

    Its very convenient for camping or staging if coming up from the LA / San Diego area as you miss all the twisties into Big Bear Lake / City. You do need a high-ish clearance vehicle though as there is a creek (about 50 feet wide and sometimes as deep as 2', though normally more like just over 1') just before you get to the camp site. If you are doing a dual sport ride then you can actually find some nice roads up through Lake Arrowhead and into the OHV area, then on into Big Bear Lake area.
  6. Ogri88

    San Diego area Family riding anyone?

    Like he said ... There is a great mix for kids, as it goes from open and graded jeep trails, thru more weathered jeep trails and into progressively more demanding hills and single track as their skill and confidence increases. Not all the Green Sticker sections are linked together though which is a bummer - ok if you have a road legal dual sport but frustrating with the kids. Plenty of cool stuff to keep us busy though.
    Mikuni BSR42 carb, with Husky TE410 short-action throttle grip and cable. Custom Airbox-to-carb tube as BSR is about 1/2 in. too narrow
  7. Ogri88

    Scotts Performance Steering Damper

    So good I forget its there - no headshakes or highsides for 11,000 miles of crappy roads and off-roads. I fabbed an under-bar mount for it along with 2 in. bar risers, and had to fab a new oil-fill neck-mount pin holder
  8. Hey there, Looking for any like minded dads and/or mums interested in joining up for mellow day rides around San Diego - Trails or road. My kids are pretty good riders but we are not hardcore MX track types so usually do the jeep trails in Big Bear in summer, and Ocitillo area in the winter. Our bikes are xr400 (me) , ttr125 (14 yr old son) and crf70 (12 yr daughter) [wifey has a crf230 but rarely rides] for trails, and I have a V-Strom for 2-up road rides. Our next trip is planned as Crab Flate OHV staging campsite for the Memorial Day weekend for a few days of camping and riding. We are also planning on trying some South Utah OHV rides over the summer break, and some Dad-Kid 2-up day rides on the V-Strom as the mood fits. Also planning a multi-day V-Strom ride to San Fran sometime, and one to Alaska next year - 1 kid up, t'other back, with my wife meeting us up there for the kid exchange and for a week's hol. So let us know! Matthew
  9. Ogri88

    Honda XR400R 1997

    Truly bullet proof adventure tourer!
  10. Ogri88

    Honda XR400R (1997)


    Truly bullet proof adventure tourer!
  11. Ogri88

    Switch to mikuni BSR42

    Upate on my carb issues: It turned out that the rubber o-ring on the intake manifold had split so it was way too lean. New o-ring and would only run with full choke with the oem 45 pilot, so back to a 52.5 that I had and it now runs great, and starts easily. Regards the throttle cable issues I read here - just use a dremel and cut a longwise slot into the tube where the throttle cable screws into the carb - this allows you to use the cable with the larger nub on the end. Also, if you are using the 5 gal tank you will need to carefully trim about 1 cm off the end of the threaded adjuster, and remove one of the 2 adjuster nuts - to avoid the cable screw tensioner part being forced into the base of the gas tank and bending the cable - or slowly rubbing a hole in the gas tank!. Again, careful use of a dremel with cutting wheel works fine. Take it slow as you don't want to touch the inner cable.
  12. Ogri88

    Switch to mikuni BSR42

    I agree - I've re-built it using a refurb kit and have returned it to the oem Polaris stats - 150 / 45 / 3rd groove and hopefully that'll give me a good starting point.
  13. Ogri88

    Switch to mikuni BSR42

    SpawnX Thanks for the info - I'm giving the carb a full service this week and I'll throw a 150 MJ back in. What Pilot are you running?
  14. Ogri88

    Switch to mikuni BSR42

    I did this mod last year on my xr440 but have yet to dial in the tuning - it starts after a struggle - and runs well, but doesn't like to idle smoothly. I'm currently running a 180 Main, 52.5 Pilot and am on the 3rd groove down on the needle. The bike seems to be running very lean (the plug, DPR8ea, is white) and the bike seems to be running hotter than usual. I've done the air box mod BUT have stuck with the oem exhaust and restrictor/baffle as I'm aiming to use this as along range tourer and didn't want to be too loud and attract attention in Central America. Anyone with a 440 mod and BSR 42 out there? I'd love some jetting advice.