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  1. kyle310

    Which 250f?

    KXF. all the shoot outs ive seen so far have had it in the lead. i am going to get one and i rode my friends the other day. it was SWEET.
  2. kyle310

    1999 honda Xr 100 pricing?

    i sold my '01 for 1300. it was in pretty good condition so i agree with them in sayin that 1400 is a little high.. and u could say to him that you have (set amount in cash) with you right now and to take it or leave it. i got a guy to lower his price $300 by doing that
  3. kyle310

    SX65 playbike

    Thanks a lot. I think i am going to get it.
  4. kyle310

    Broken Ankle

    All you guys are lucky lol. I tore my ACL last Easter and still cant ride for another month.
  5. Im having a lot of trouble finding parts for my '04 CRF230 and was wondering if anyone knows of any place that has stuff for a 230 besides BBR. No exhaust companies please. Im all set on that already.
  6. kyle310

    SX65 playbike

    I've been thinking about getting a KTM SX65 for a playbike. My friends have mixed opinions about it. I understand this is a four stroke thing, i jus want opinions. What do you guys think about it?
  7. kyle310

    Need advice on bike for son.

    I would say the CRF or TT-R230. i got an XR100 for my first bike when i was 13. It is about the same as the 125 and 150 and i grew out of that in a couple months and switched to a 230 and that bike fits me just fine right now and im 15