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  1. 2-strokes-suck


    thanks for all the insight, i mean even since my first post i have found a few ways to keep the knee pain down. i've found that while im in bed or laying down, the more i keep my leg straight the less my knee will ache. granted i still do my range of motion excercises. lately i have not seen any knee pain. which is excellent.
  2. 2-strokes-suck


    sucks for me, neither of them are "the good one" lol thanks guys for the advise. and llamaface yes the pain is around where that bottom pin is. but alot of times it seems like its more "in" my actuall knee like around and behind my knee cap.
  3. 2-strokes-suck


    mine and yours sound quite a bit alike with the exception of me messing up my right leg too. mine was a clean break and my surgeon was awesome. i think he was able to align my bone without a middle incision also because i only have 3. one at the hip about 2" long. one right under that where the top pin was put in. and one tiny one at my knee where the other pin was put in. i only had 14 staples total. i have an eliptical at home so im probably gonna try that.
  4. 2-strokes-suck


    were you doing excercises while it was still hurting quite a bit? like excersises to move your leg farther and farther? because as of now my leg only bends about 35-40 percent of the way.
  5. 2-strokes-suck


    thanks don, reading that is kinda boosting my spirits because im laying in bed right now in alot of pain. my perscription will run out in roughly a day and they wontgive me any refills.....im afraid of addiction but i dont feel like i need the meds i know ive been getting low so i have been trying to last as long as possible before another dose. after im off the perscription what would you suggest for my pain? and how long would you say the real extreme pain lasted for you? the thing that sucks for me is my other leg is useless too and i cant put ANY weight on it whatsoever so my left leg has to soak it all up every time i move standing.
  6. 2-strokes-suck


    my surgury too consisted of them putting a rod in, from the hip with two screws. One at the hip and at the knee. i tried ice tonight on the knee and it seemed to help. I decided to go to the mall tonight to kinda get out and keep my spirits up; bad idea. I was hot one minute, then cold; i felt natious so i ate, that made me feel worse. I regret going. but stuff like that really brings me down and makes me feel like ill never get better. its depressing for me to have to rely on other people for dumb stuff. i wish they woulda gave me oxy's but they had me on morphine for 36 hours then switched me right to hydros 10 mg. what a let down that was.
  7. 2-strokes-suck

    YZ250F Coolant problem :(

    it wont show any signs, if i were you id pull that head off and have it checked at a machine shop.theyre only gonna soak you 15 bucks or so to check it with a dial indicator. my 04 did the same thing except it didnt pop water pump gaskets, just the overflow. i bought a 40$ oem radiator cap and that wasnt the issue, no milky oil, no bubbles in the rad. after doing the top end over twice i finally pulled the head and took it to my welding teacher. we blocked it up on our bridgeport and it was .007" off from one side to the other. the tolerences in your manual say anything over .002" is out. i took it to the machine shop and they milled the head .010" and i think it only ran me like 60 bucks. your compression will be higher but there will be no issues with valve clearence or anything like that. i started running race gas just to kinda reap the benefits ya know......good luck.
  8. 2-strokes-suck


    please dont hate on the name guys, i made this account long ago, i recently broke my left femur in a sportbike wreck, roughly 3 weeks ago. i also destroyed my right ankle. they had me walking with a walker using only my left leg with 100% body weight only two days after surgury. im now home and my swelling in the thigh has gone down quite a bit, but i too am having sharp shooting knee pain. im scared that ill have it forever and im also scared because i only have 4 days of hydros left any advice? i had doc take x rays and told him of the problem all he said was theres no chipping fracture so wait a while it could be inflimation. it prevents me from sleeping even on the drugs. notice its 2:38 am.
  9. 2-strokes-suck

    04' yz250f fresh suspension set to "stock"?

    the reason i cant really call him is because he's a friend of my cousin and i dont know him nor do i know if he'll remember what suspension im talking about. he set everything to stock because my front fork springs were shot so everything was out of wack clicker wise
  10. 2-strokes-suck

    04' yz250f fresh suspension set to "stock"?

    what if i cannot find out what weight oil he used? should i look up manufacterers suggested and replace it all with the right stuff?
  11. 2-strokes-suck

    2010 Yamaha YZ450F

    how the hell do you change the air cleaner?
  12. 2-strokes-suck

    04' yz250f fresh suspension set to "stock"?

    im not sure what fork oil he used so if i add a different weight i take it that everything will get screwed up? and yes i used to bleed my forks after every ride....still do. and if i add fork oil can use a ratio right to figure out the 5 cc's?
  13. i say ride begginer D till they kick you out...idk about down there but here even if you own in D you wont trophy in C theyre's always a ton of people half of which are B riders
  14. i just had my whole suspension re-done. new oil, seals, bushings, nitrogen, and front fork springs. (the old ones were shot apparently) after the guy did it he set it all back to stock. the problem im having is on this big table your in the air so high when i land i bottom out like absolutley bottom. we messed with the compression clickers five clicks in and nothing. i couldnt tell any improvement at all really. the spring rates are stock same as before. i weigh 140 pounds with gear on and im a begginer im descently fast but my suspension has been putting a dampening on that for a year and a half now. any advice or personal setup tips would help a ton