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  1. Ozboy

    Old iron never dies

    Looks a lot like my old '65 B40, 350cc Oz Army bike, on steroids!!! It was a heartbreaker. Relief was an R60/2.......& me only 19 yrs old then.
  2. Ozboy

    Ignition Coil Rebuild

    my manual says XT250 81 HT coil primary resitance 1.0 Ohms, 15% tolerance secondary 5.9K Ohms 15% tolerance Spark plug cap 5K Ohms - NGK labeled so- don't have to use it. spark plug - resistor type 5K Ohms if used. 17K Ohms- sounds suss to me, but if it runs........ If new afternarket coil chosen MUST be CDI type!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ozboy

    Ignition Coil Rebuild

    coils which have a permanent HT wire in a "saddle" on the coil can have the lead replaced by gently filing the plastic away at the far end of the lump until the end of the wire is exposed, then, using a good tool, desolder the wire & pull it out. Test for rsstance of Secondary-abandon if >125% above std. Buy correct diameter HT wire - WIRE CORED, strip abt 1" and twist togther, fully install and re-solder with resin-cored electronics solder, trim off excess wire let cool and coat with convenient blob of Silastic/similar to prevent shorts. Recheck resistance of secondary and primary - should be within 10% of specified.
  4. Perth Western Australia:Bought above for $200--they said it didn't turn over. Pulled off head & barrel Tuesday. Found that the head has all new parts-cam, rockers, valves etc ~ $500 worth? Head: Silver paint!!!! Horrible!!!!! will have to have it chemically stripped off prior to re-matt blacking. cam chain and slippers u/s. piston: 0.25mm os, near new, small pickup streaking left rear quarter below rings, 2nd ring jammed by impact to piston (prior to assy), circlips fitted poorly-gap at removal slot-difficult to rotate to get them out. Rubbed hack with 1200 grit and cleaned it up. Barrel More silver Paint-see above. recent hone/rebore, minor hi spot where end of ring rubbed bore. Piston streak at same point. Deglazed with 1200 grit. Big end ok, tho some side play. Fork seals/gaiters u/s. sprockets/chain u/s Exhaust rusty, redbacks resident, wired on. Carb bent accelerator pump rod & top circlip missing-normal for age Fuel Tank many dents, lots surface rust OEM colours and stickers. Not a bad buy!
  5. Only real advantage of butterfly carb would be that it won't jam with dirt. could try Tillotsen/'son type-see chain saw/brush cutter/lawnmower. No advantage is greatly increasing size of throat, as is small and already close to optimum (300ft/sec over jet at max hp rpms is about ideal). Be Very carefull about adjusting the hi & lo speed screws-you will have to adjust them, just get it right and don't run it lean!!! Err on slightly rich, whilst it causes more piston wear long term, is better than siezure or holey pistons--LEARN HOW TO READ PLUGS & do it. Choice shoufd be guided by peak rpm and capacity of a common donor engine to be similar to yours. 2/4 stroke unimportant. Examine diaphram before installing-replace if any doubts.
  6. Ozboy

    82' XL250R Pics

    the 2 half sleeves press up against the flange on the exhaust pipe and are held in place by the exhaust collar bolted down onto them. You MUST use an exhaust gasket-they are either soft copper tube compressible type or wire wound asbestos rings. The latter are dangerous-the fibers cause CANCERS, usually many years after contact, partic. nasty long term if inhaled. if in doubt go to shop with measurement of inner and outer dia of flange on pipe & find something to do it. NB make sure whole pipe is supported, as this excelent mounting system will snap off at the flange if overstressed. This system of mounting allows the exhaust pipe to be very close to the valve, thus reducing the heat transfer into the head. Honda pioneered it in early 60's (?).
  7. Ozboy

    Where are all the old timers?

    1965 Triumph T5 rode only , 1970 Honda P50 rode only ,1970 Harley Davidson '42 WLA brothers outfit, 1971 CB350 type 1 brothers' with factory race kit bar exhausts & cam, BSA B40('67) MINE euuuuuucccch, 1972 BMW R60/2 '69 still despite deficiencies it's the best bike I ever had to present day, 1974 Honda XL100 (new) good toy,1975 Bridgestone 50 well we all..., 1978 Bultaco 250 GP Very loud, v quick, I wasn't good enough to ride it well-tried to road race-fell off & quit B4 I got hurt, 1980 Honda ST90 reliable, 1989 Honda C90 ditto, 2000 Honda Elite too dangerous in traffic, 2001 Yamaha XT250 '87tall, loud but ok, 2003 Suzuki GN250 civilized, poor brakes, chain drive, 2003 Honda XR75 k4 still fixing this great museum piece with quad ball race stock cam-20x24x5, Bassani and XL350 h lamp with Z50 globe and small rubber trail bike stop & tail -ATC 70 lighting coil with ac wiring, white tank pinstripe- else stock, 2005 Kawasaki Kl250 not fixed-poor head design-sold , Yamaha XT250 '81 will tolerate now-still tall-too loud, better head than most it's age-ball bearing cam, Kawasaki Z200 will keep til can get SR250 like XT's, o'wise like KL. do all own work, but do nothing without a manual. Quite a few cars too.
  8. prob xt 250, sr 250 has elec start -different lhs c case and c web & alternator bits, o'wise similar- xt250 manual should be ok for most things.