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  1. Steve R

    Singletrack discovered in Grand Junction

    I go up that all the time in my Early Bronco. I've only ridden the bike up it once; you're right, it's very technical in places.
  2. Steve R

    Back from Moab

    He doesn't visit here, but I'll give him the link to this thread. I told him to try both Widowmaker and Wipeout Hill on my WR400, which he's ridden before, but he didn't. He is seriously considering a CRF450. We gotta do Moab again.
  3. Steve R

    Grand Junction 29 RD Gas Lease

    I ride there a lot (live in 'Junction) and I don't see it affecting things too much. There are so many square miles to ride in that a few gas drilling rigs shouldn't change much - we'll see...
  4. Steve R

    Back from Moab

    You're correct Sharla, as one of those standing watching as you kept missing the "ramp" rock and then somehow making it up that shelf, we couldn't believe you made it. Can't wait to see some of the pics. It was a great trip all, thanks for the invite! I've done all of those trails in the Bronco, and there are a couple scary parts (like Widowmaker and No Left Turn on Rusty Nail) but I'd never done them on the bike. Gotta go again with the bike AND the Bronco. I'm still a little sore...
  5. Steve R

    Owner's Manuals Online???

    Okay, I've tried searching here and on the web with no luck. I recently acquired a '98 WR400 and love the bike. I need to do some maintenance, but didn't get the owner's manual with it. I know I can find them on ebay, but I'd really like to have it in the next couple of days. Is there anywhere on line to download it?
  6. Steve R

    98 WR400 HotCams install?

    I'm into saving $$$. I'm now 48 years old and still ride hard with my 24 year old son. However, after crashing real bad a couple of years ago while jumping I now take it just a little easier than I used to - I don't heal as fast any more. So, I'm not really looking for a performance increase but rather the easier starting.
  7. Steve R

    98 WR400 HotCams install?

    I recently bought a 98 WR400. I've been riding a 96 Kawasaki KDX200. Man, what a difference! I love the WR400 except for starting the damn thing. I'm only 140 lbs, so starting is a PITA. I've searched on here and found some good starting tips, and also read about the HotCams decompression cam. Sounds like what I need. I can get the cam locally for $190, is that a pretty good price? Is it worth it to do this? How about the install? I've done about everything there is on cars/trucks, including engine work and setting up gears, so I have the tools necessary but I've never torn a 4 stroke bike engine apart. How difficult is the install, and is it something I should attempt myself or should I have a shop do it? TIA
  8. Steve R


    I'm 48 and still ride hard, including "old fart's league" motocross. I don't do some of the stupid stuff I did when I was earlier, especially since crashing bad and separating my shoulder a couple of years ago. I don't heal as fast as I used to...