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  1. Just wondering what gas everyone uses, I have a 05 KLX300, I live in california and the gas where I live sucks, does anyone use anything other than pump gas like vp??
  2. rexracer707

    KLX 300R Front Number Plate?

    I didn't there is a bolt under the number plate that holds some wires, just take that out and put it through the number plate hole. And then two zip tyes for the bottom of the plate to the forks, and a little zip tye for the handle bar strap thing.
  3. rexracer707

    Mt. Shasta

    Dang you beat me to this question, Ive been working in Weed an I was wondering the same thing.
  4. Dont get gas that has ethanol, or alcohol, if it is a newer bike, bad for the new kind metal in the heads and cylinders.
  5. rexracer707

    KLX 300R Front Number Plate?

    If you want the one with no headlight, any kawasaki shop should have one, a 1992-99 KX front number plate fits thats what I have.
  6. rexracer707

    Striped Kick start

    Anybody have any quick fixes for a stripped kickstart, other that the $120 fix. Its a 01 200EXC
  7. rexracer707

    Suspension Tips

    I just order goldvalves, fork springs, and a new shock spring, I read everything on the planetKLX website, is there any other little tips or now hows, than whats shown on the website? It looks to easy to me. Oh its on a 05 Klx300
  8. rexracer707

    Dynojet Question

    Has anybody put on a different throttle tube when they cut the cable. Like a joker throttle
  9. rexracer707

    KlX450r ride

    I just put a down payment for one, hopefully in march i will get it , they are sending out 10% in march 60% in april and 30% in may.
  10. rexracer707

    XGX Racing Graphics

    Has anyone put on XGX racing number plate backgrounds, I just did and all three didn't fit, my plate outline overhangs every plate????
  11. rexracer707

    Figured out all my problems(Kinda Long)

    See I thought after it got really hot, the ride home is about 4 miles and I rode as fast as I can, I figured the combination of steaming hot and riding fast with a temp outside higher than 80 had a major contribution to the hole problem. And I have been jumping a 40 foot double a few days after.
  12. Well its been awhile since I posted anything, but just got my bike back from the Kawasaki dealer here in Chico Ca, When I thought all my problems were coming from the carb it wasn't that, after I bought a carb from Bill_P, and it still didn't run right, I took it to the dealer so they could tear it down. Well come to find out after the tear down the top of the piston was broke off and a piece messed up the crank and rod, so you know what comes next, almost a new motor. They said it wasnt from running lean, overrevving which was my first thought and the mechanic after he rode it and tore it apart, but it was from overheating, he asked me if i let it idle for a long time and I said no, but when i came and picked it up, It clicked in my head, I got pulled over one night after checking my water in the orchard around 1030(really not lying) I normally take a quad, but the cop told me to leave the bike running on the kickstand with the light, for his safety he said after I said no. Well it was steaming by the time I got done with this ordeal and there was no water in the resavoir. Long story short dont let it over heat it will cost U $1800
  13. rexracer707

    Oil coming out of crankcase vent

    My 05 klx300 just started to blow oil out the crankcase vent tube, filling up my airbox, does any one know what is wrong?
  14. Ok I was taking my tank off so I could install a carb(Just Got From bill) I went to turn the tank mount bolt underneath thats part of the frame(not the radiator one) and sure enough the bolt wouldn't come out just spun, its not the threads its the female side in the plastic of the tank that is spinning, has anyone encountered this or what is the best thing to do about it????? Thanks for any comments Rex
  15. rexracer707

    Looking for a carb

    Im in search of a stock or pumper carb for a 05 KLX 300, the stock carb can be jetted or not. Thanks for any info. Rex